Our path and history

Learn how we became the best at what we do

Our team is comprised of people who strive to be the best in their careers, each possessing unique strengths and sharing our company's business values, as well as the values of their team and the open source community. We continually seek innovative, energetic minds to join our team and help AGILEDROP extend its range of products and services, resulting in solutions that are at the forefront of what is currently possible.

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Iztok joins the Drupal community and attends his first Drupalcon.

Marko starts CodePSD, PSD to HTML business.


Iztok and Marko join forces on freelance web development projects. Marko takes over front end development while Iztok handles the back end development. Many sleepless nights ensue.


Jan and Boštjan join the team towards the end of a year. The team is now a group of freelancers working together.

They begin tackling bigger projects with international clients.


On September 26th 2013, the AGILEDROP Ltd. development studio officially launches.

The team is introduced to several new clients seeking our expertise and hires two freelance developers.


The team relocates to a more spacious office in December.

The team starts working in the same 70m2 office


Everything began to take off very rapidly by June: we learned how crucial sales & marketing is; we added several more clients and projects.

The team expands from 6 people to 12 and quickly starts to gel: among the new experts is an account manager, office administrator, and project manager to help us organise our workflows.

Increased business from the UK market, AGILEDROP hosts its first Drupal Slovenia meetup.


Company relocates again to a larger office: 220m2. The team has now 22 experts on board.

More clients and projects are added to the portfolio. Firm expands its services to new markets.

We proceed to share our knowledge through popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, spreading word of our services to potential new clients

AGILEDROP hosts its second Drupal Slovenia meetup.