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Top 11 non-Drupal business events to attend in 2019

Each year, there’s a plethora of various tech and business events all over the world, even if we disregard the numerous Drupal events. But how do you find the ones that you or your agency would really profit from attending? We made a list of our favorites to help you find the right one(s) for you - check it out!
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Published on: 22. 3. 2019

Developers wanted. ASAP!

John is an agency owner. And he needed two additional developers to work on the newly acquired business. What route did John take and where did it lead him?
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Published on: 11. 7. 2018

When having a remote team is an asset

If you have to engage with an external team, one aspect of how to do it to be fruitful is you should give enough attention to cultural dimensions of such a cooperation.
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Published on: 26. 3. 2018

What to say (or not to say) when selling Drupal

How to get to the bottom of what a client really wants when opting for a CMS? Do they want Drupal or WordPress, or is there something more meaningful behind it? And more valuable?
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Published on: 27. 11. 2017

The Importance of Drupal Events

Drupal Global Sprint Weekend will happen at the end of this week almost all over the world, so we have made a list for you, where you can attend it. We have also analysed Drupal Camps on all continents last year and presented you the reasons why you should attend DrupalCons. All together with user group meetups, they form Drupal events. But why is organizing and attending them important? Here are the reasons.
Published on: 26. 1. 2017

Which big names use Drupal?

I saw a post recently about another Drupal 8 site that got launched. It was Rainforest Alliance. Nothing special at first. But then, out of curiosity, I clicked on it and checked it. While I was admiring the impressive pictures of the forests, I suddenly remembered that over a month ago I read an article about city of Boston launching its website on Drupal. Then it hit me. Who are the »big names« that Drupal can show off to the world and say 'These are our most proud members'?
Published on: 20. 10. 2016

Trusted Drupal Teammates

AGILEDROP has recently changed its tagline from "Drupal A-team" to "Trusted Drupal Teammates". Focusing on building the best team of Drupal experts is a default promise. Our vision is to step up and to be what our clients really need. Dependable teammates that are there, when they need them most.
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Published on: 13. 9. 2016

Staff Augmentation in Drupal Web Development

If you are using Drupal for your web development project and need additional assistance to help you with it, then it would be well worth looking at staff augmentation. Why bring in staff that are unaware of the workings of the framework, when you can hire professionals that become your teammates on a long-term basis.

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Published on: 20. 7. 2016

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