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Trusted Angular developers, programmers, engineers and coders will join your team to build or support front-end apps of your products.

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Skilled & proven developers

You will work with proven engineers who have delivered projects for Fortune 500 companies.


Integrated into your processes

You will keep all the control and have direct management. Our developers will use your tools and follow your practices.


Excellent communication

You'll be just three seconds away from our developers who communicate transparently in English.

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Angular benefits

Our developers maximize Angular's features

One of the most significant benefits of Angular is the fact that Google supports it. Within the company, it has Long-Term Support (LTS), so Google plans to stick with Angular and further grow its ecosystem. 

Angular developers use the TypeScript language, a superset of JavaScript developed and maintained by Microsoft. This ensures higher security as it supports types (primitives, interfaces, etc.), and it helps catch and eliminate errors during development. 

Angular is based on components, which have several benefits, such as making the user experience smoother and more comfortable, and enabling us to reuse them. 


Angular style guide preferred conventions

By following best practices our code will be easier to maintain, even by other developers.


Angular testing environment with Jasmine & Karma

With automated unit and integration testing, we'll make sure your apps behave correctly.

server side rendering

Server Side Rendering with Angular Universal

By implementing pre-rendering we'll improve the startup performance of your apps.


PWA support with Angular Service Worker

Have your apps work offline, as a Progressive Web App or even a Hybrid Web Application.