Deliver enterprise level products with the help of our Angular developers

Trusted Angular developers, programmers, engineers and coders will join your team to build or support front-end apps of your products.

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Skilled & proven developers

You will work with proven engineers who have delivered projects for Fortune 500 companies.


Integrated into your processes

You will keep all the control and have direct management. Our developers will use your tools and follow your practices.


Excellent communication

You'll be just three seconds away from our developers who communicate transparently in English.

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Tell us about your requirements for Angular developers. You can hire an Angular developer or a team that can start in a matter of days.

Either drop us a line via the contact form or directly to If you would like to speak with us, please call +44 203 411 0716.

Find us on social media platforms, or even visit us in person for an eye-to-eye at one of our offices.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take you to onboard?
Onboarding to a new project is done in less than a day, one hour if the client provides good documentation. Like your team, our developers use best practices and the latest tools.

How does a developer's day look?
We start the day by syncing with you on a meeting, daily stand-up or over chat. During the day we communicate with you about the progress and when we are going for lunch breaks. One hour before the end of the day, we sync again.

How much time can you dedicate to me?
Our developers are available to work full-time, five days per week. During this period they work exclusively on your projects.

Can your developers join our team’s meetings?
Of course, our developers completely adapt your processes; that also means joining your meetings. With the help of online communication tools, we are always 3 seconds away from you.

What happens when your developer gets sick?
Our service survives the truck test. You will get a backup developer in case something unpredictable happens.

Can you provide a team of developers?
Yes, we can provide individual developers or a team of developers to work under your management. 

Will I get a list of candidates to choose from?
Once we’ve gained a better understanding of the challenge you have, we will put forth the best developers for your needs.

What happens if there are any issues?
If there are any issues, we will certainly address them and come together with you on the best solution. If a developer ends up not being the right fit, we are happy to bring in someone else based on any new learnings about the best fit for your team. 

Can your developers come onsite?
Yes, our developers have in many instances come onsite to visit our clients. It can be arranged with proper notice and agreement beforehand.

How good is your English?
We are an international company and English is a default language at Agiledrop. We only recruit developers who speak and write English fluently.

Do you have senior and junior developers?
You will only work with experienced senior developers who have proved themselves on other important projects.

How do you ensure quality?
Only experienced developers work with agencies as we train new people on in-house projects. We have daily checkups with developers to make sure the work is done. Every week we also seek client feedback.

How is Agiledrop different or better?
By following your team's processes and using your tools we are the closest alternative to an in-house team. We are a team your development department was looking for. We provide the type of outsourcing that actually works.

How fast can you start?
We can provide you with one developer in 2-3 days. To hire a team it usually takes 1-2 weeks.

What if we are not in the same timezone?
We have been working with customers from Sydney, New York, and London successfully with the help of online tools and with at least 2 hours of overlap for daily standup meetings.

Do you provide developers on a part-time basis?
Our developers normally join agencies on a full-time, fully dedicated basis. That said, if you’re interested in building a long-term partnership that starts with part-time, let's talk.

Where are your developers located?
Even when working with one developer, you are getting a collective knowledge and experiences from the whole team. Developers work from one of our offices in Slovenia, just next to their fellow developers and managers.

Where do you find developers?
Agiledrop is tightly integrated into the local development communities. This is one of the best sources to meet new developers who we invite to join our team.

Angular benefits

Our developers maximize Angular's features

One of the most significant benefits of Angular is the fact that Google supports it. Within the company, it has Long-Term Support (LTS), so Google plans to stick with Angular and further grow its ecosystem. 

Angular developers use the TypeScript language, a superset of JavaScript developed and maintained by Microsoft. This ensures higher security as it supports types (primitives, interfaces, etc.), and it helps catch and eliminate errors during development. 

Angular is based on components, which have several benefits, such as making the user experience smoother and more comfortable, and enabling us to reuse them. 


Angular style guide preferred conventions

By following best practices our code will be easier to maintain, even by other developers.


Angular testing environment with Jasmine & Karma

With automated unit and integration testing, we'll make sure your apps behave correctly.

server side rendering

Server Side Rendering with Angular Universal

By implementing pre-rendering we'll improve the startup performance of your apps.


PWA support with Angular Service Worker

Have your apps work offline, as a Progressive Web App or even a Hybrid Web Application.