Let's meet at DrupalCon

Y’all coming to Nashville?

Hi, I'm Iztok, co-founder of AGILEDROP, Drupal team based in Central Europe. Digital agencies like Wunderkraut and Ogilvy trust us to extend their in-house development capacities with our proven Drupal developers.

If you want to learn how to scale your Drupal team while keeping your agency agile to survive the feast and famine periods, you should talk to me. By helping more than 30 digital agencies we learned how to approach resourcing challenges and keeping the quality of your services (and improve on it).

Are you going to attend DrupalCon Nashville? I'm flying to Nashville for DrupalCon and will be staying there from Monday, 9 Apr to Friday, 12 Apr. Check your calendar, find a free slot and book a meeting below.


Let's book a meeting

  • Even if you don't require our services now, we can still talk. No obligations.
  • You can meet with me in Nashville from Monday, 9 April to Thursday, 12 April.
  • I recommend booking a meeting during sessions; you can always watch them later.
  • Please provide three slots in case I already have a slot taken.
  • Please use the local time in Nashville and consider 30 minutes slots.

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Hire proven developers

Eliminate the risk of doing a bad hire. You will work with vetted developers that proved them self on enterprise level projects.

Scale immediately

Get an experienced developer in 2-3 days. After couple hours of onboarding, we are already working on your projects.

Keep your processes

Our developers are fully integrated into your projects, using your tools and following your processes. 

Get dedicated developers

You work with fully dedicated developers, working exclusively with your team for as long as you need them. 

Integrate us into your team

You work and communicate with the developers directly. Have them join your daily standups or meetings with clients.

Win projects confidently

Never again reject a project due to resourcing issues, with AGILEDROP you will never run out of developers.