Complete turnkey service for your development projects

From software architecture design to deployment to production. You can confidently outsource the development portion of your projects.

When are fixed scope projects the right solution for you

  • You need scalable and future-proof products
  • You lack the skills in the specific technologies required
  • You don't have an in-house development team
  • You need external project management in addition to development
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Solve resourcing issues with a fully-fledged team

Get a fully structured development team in 1-2 weeks. After a day of onboarding, we are already working on your projects.


Scale per demand to deliver more projects

Never again delay a project due to resourcing issues. With Agiledrop, you will always be able to scale your capacity.


Keep your healthy processes intact

Our developers are fully integrated into your in-house team, using your tools and following your processes.


Fully integrate us into your team

You work and communicate with our developers directly. Have them join your daily standups or meetings with clients.


Work with fully dedicated developers

You will get a fully dedicated team of developers, working exclusively on your project until it's completed.


Work with experienced developers only

You will work with vetted developers that have proved themselves on enterprise-level projects led by projects managers with deep industry knowledge.

Agiledrop delo od doma - za še več zadovoljstva zaposlenih

Outsourced web development

White label web development services work great for creative and design agencies that don’t have in-house web development capabilities or lack the expertise needed for a specific project.

Digital agencies and IT services providers can also outsource part of their website production to Agiledrop, especially if they lack the resources but don’t want to further delay or dismiss new projects.

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White-label services

White-label web development means you will be in control of both the project's development and the resulting intellectual property.

Websites and applications remain all yours without any trace of us; you can of course speak proudly about working with Agiledrop, but we don't expect any credit. 

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Tell us about your needs and we’ll connect you with your own dedicated account manager. Either drop us a line via the contact form or directly to

If you would like to speak with us, please call +44 203 411 0716.

Find us on social media sites, or even visit us in person for an eye-to-eye at one of our offices.

Contact information

Technology stack

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If you are looking to build a web application with a custom back-end or are looking for a team to support your legacy product, we can help.

Our PHP engineers have extensive experience with Laravel, Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP and other popular PHP frameworks.

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JavaScript & TypeScript

You can scale your front-end development team with experienced JavaScript or TypeScript developers.

Our engineers have experiences with Angular, Vue, React and other popular libraries and frameworks.

Systems & platforms

Back-end frameworks

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Symfony is a set of reusable PHP components and the leading PHP framework to create websites and web applications.

Agiledrop has a team of PHP experts leveraging Symfony's components or using it as a framework to build back-end systems and APIs for demanding web-based projects.

Front-end frameworks

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Vanilla JavaScript & TypeScript

"Vanilla" is a term which refers to using plain JavaScript or TypeScript without any additional libraries.

Our front-end developers are proficient in developing advanced front-end solutions without additional libraries if that is required.