Build advanced back-end solutions with skilled Laravel developers

You will work with experienced Laravel engineers that know how to best leverage the framework to build powerful and fast back-end solutions for your web applications.

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Our developers maximize Laravel's capabilities

  • Adept at leveraging all the core features offered by Laravel
  • Focus on security and streamlined development
  • Contributions to popular packages and writing custom packages
  • Multilingual-ready UI code and custom translation solutions
  • APIs, decoupled (with Angular, React or Vue) or full web apps
  • The latest frameworks and utilities (Livewire, Pest, Tailwind)

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The framework for rapid development

Laravel is a web application framework focused on speed of development, performance, and flexibility. It is based on PHP, the most common back-end programming language for the web. 

With a marketshare of over 25%, Laravel is by far the most popular PHP framework, no doubt also owing to its optimized development experience and strong ecosystem, which have resulted in heavy community adoption and support. 

Leveraging Laravel, you can reduce your cost of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

The framework is accessible, yet powerful and secure, providing a rich set of tools needed for large, robust applications. 

Industries using Laravel

Laravel provides powerful and accessible tools for building secure enterprise applications. It's used in healthcare, media & publishing, data processing, etc.

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Our clients using Laravel

Our clients leverage Laravel for smooth content creation workflows. Are you looking for skilled Laravel developers to provide a custom back end for your editorial team?

Learn how we empower media & publishing teams