Welcome to Slovenia

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European Union

Slovenia is a country in Central Europe. Our country became a member of the European Union on 1 May 2004, shortly after joining Nato. We are part of the EU VAT system and our primary currency is the EURO (€).

Slovenia borders along Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, and contains majestic Alpine mountains, magical forests, historic cities and a quaint Adriatic coastline.


Connected to the Western Business Ecosystem

As with any western/central European country, visitors to Slovenia arrive via direct flights from most European points of departures. We're an easy destination to get to. Likewise, we all speak English, having grown up for several decades now in the western business culture... we even know some slang! Lastly, we're in the same time zone as most of Europe, so communicating with us never involves one party calling in the morning while the other has already signed off for the day.

Drupal in Slovenia

Bimonthly Drupal meetups

There are regular Drupal community meetups and events in Ljubljana and surrounding areas. We meet every two months and share experiences about building and using Drupal sites. 

AGILEDROP helps by hosting and sponsoring meetups. When talks are scheduled, you often see our team members presenting what they've learned.

Drupal Camp Alpe-Adria

Drupal camp Alpe-Adria (DCAA) is a Central European Drupal event that gathers Drupal users, developers, supporters and fans from Alpe-Adria region countries.

Slovenia hosted two DCAA events: the first one was held in 2013 in the capital, Ljubljana and the second in 2014 on the coast. DCAA . Approximately 150 people attended on both occasions.


Meet our representatives in London and Amsterdam

AGILEDROP's headquarters are in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia. We've implemented processes to lead, manage and deliver projects remotely, but we understand that a handshake is important. That's why we have local representatives in the United Kingdom and Netherlands that you can meet in person and discuss your requirements. 

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