Round up of business advice during Covid-19 outbreak for agency leaders

Covid-19 was a great surprise to all of us; it hit us from nowhere and we don't know for how long it'll be here. And this bring new business challenges: how to communicate in times of crisis, how to rethink our strategies and how to we even find new opportunities? We have made a round-up of interesting and inspirational blog posts that you'll probably find useful in these hard times.
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Published on: 6. 4. 2020

The most important thing in an agency partnership

In this post, we'll discuss the most important element to an agency partnership: communication. We'll explain why it's so essential, provide examples of good and bad communication practices, and finish with some tips for more effective communication with partners.
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Published on: 31. 3. 2020

How to improve your time management skills and master your time

In this post, I’ll discuss the importance of time management and give you some tips on how to effectively manage your time and get more out of your life. By the end of the post, you’ll be one step closer to having full control over how and where you spend your time.
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Published on: 18. 2. 2020

How can agencies grow their digital business

In this blog post, we'll take a look at five proven and effective ways for agencies to position themselves with development services in order to attract and retain more clients and successfully scale.
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Published on: 27. 11. 2019

Understanding the job of an IT Project Manager

Maria Espie Vidal, writer for, wrote a post for our blog in which she breaks down the role of an IT project manager. Check it out and gain a better understanding of the multifaceted job of IT project management.
Published on: 10. 10. 2019