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Your trusted teammates

We don't call our developers ninjas and rockstars. They are responsible adults who value their work-life balance while performing their best at work.

  • Experienced & proven
  • Fluent in English
  • Full-time dedicated
  • Using best practices
  • Transparent & vocal
  • Reliable & punctual
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Trusted by 50+ development teams

With more than ten years of experience working with in-house development teams, our outsourcing model is made to perfection.

Cutting-edge solutions

Deliver rich and interactive solutions for your client's customers. Using the latest technologies and following established best practices we will help you build advanced digital products which you will be proud to showcase.

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Western culture,
global reach

We’ve built partnerships with leading agencies and in-house development teams of renowned organizations around the world that have lasted nearly a decade thanks to the level of care & attention we provide.

You will work with a team of engineers based from Slovenia, a Central European country that is a state member of the European Union.

All of our 69 employees are fluent in spoken and written English, assuring you will have smooth and reliable communication with us.


Looking to scale your development capacity?

  • Do you ever get in a situation when you need a proven developer to join your team on short notice, just for this one project?
  • Is your strategy to grow your agency, yet you have challenges with recruiting developers in the competitive market?
  • Are you lacking certain skills but you find working with freelancers to be too unreliable and not scalable?

At Agiledrop, we are a team of web engineers that can immediately engage and work as a member of your team, for as long as you need.

Could you use an extra hand now and then? If yes, let's talk.

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