So much more than just outsourcing

Partner with a 80 people strong development company that will enable you to scale your development capacities.

Our process is what makes us unique

The nature of the work at Agiledrop dictates a different approach to resource management. With the help of online tools and at least 2 hours of overlap for daily standup meetings, we have been working successfully with customers from all over the world.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Can my agency work on bigger projects?
  • Should my agency hire more developers?
  • Where can I find experienced developers?
  • Can I successfully work with a remote team?
  • How can I reduce my agency's overheads?
  • Where can I find reliable partners?
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Team od developers

You are in the right place, we have answers

The team at Agiledrop has been working with more than 50 digital and branding agencies and empowered them with a reliable partnership agreement that enables them to grow their agency without having to take risks by hiring costly development staff.

By giving our technical expertise at your disposal, you are able to take in complex projects that you otherwise wouldn't be able to deliver within your capabilities. With our growing team, you will never again be short of development capacity.

Developers weekly meeting

Reliable and proven development team

With our staffing services, we will be your leverage. No more late hours, overtime and burned out staff. No more fast hires that end up badly. No more disappearing freelancers.

Agiledrop has a team of proven developers that can join your team in a couple of hours, for as long as you need them.

Our developers will be assigned to work full-time, dedicated to your projects without distractions from their past work.

The team behind Agiledrop

All of our staff are full-time employees, working in one of our offices in Ljubljana, Maribor or Celje. We work closely together, making sure collectively we deliver the best results for our partners. Even when working with only one of us, you are leveraging the collective knowledge and experiences of the whole team.

Meet the people

We are based in Central Europe

All of the Agiledrop's employees work from one of our offices based in Slovenia.

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