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We develop advanced digital solutions with in-house development teams working on internal digital products, such as SaaS applications, and custom CRM & ERP systems.

Status quo

Groundbreaking products are often based on a great product vision and strategy, but lack the development capacity to successfully execute and capitalize on that vision. What they need is a well-versed and highly performant development team with access to the skills the product needs, but without the overhead of project management, design, etc.

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How we help in-house product teams

Dedicated development team for as long as you need us
Working directly with your own project management, design & marketing teams
Agile processes and methodologies
Products made to scale, built with the most cutting-edge technology
You keep complete control over your intellectual property
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Revenue Growth Software and Services Platform, California, USA

The Method platform reinvents the traditional sales pipeline by applying machine learning to continuously optimize market reaction and sustain a scalable revenue model. Top global companies such as Apple, Oracle, PWC and Deloitte rely on their software. 

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3D Hubs

The world’s largest network of manufacturing services, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A global leader in distributed manufacturing, 3D Hubs serves over 120,000 designers and 35,000 thousand businesses with their platform. Their clients include several Fortune 500 companies, such as Audi and NASA.

Agiledrop has provided 3Dhubs with Drupal engineers to work on their legacy platform, developing new features in parallel to the team working on the new platform.

We did this by assigning a full-time developer to work as part of their team, attending daily standup meetings, and following Kanban project management processes.

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We'll provide you with the right people for your project's needs, whether it is a single developer or a full development team. 

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