Feeling trapped with your Drupal 7 site?

With Drupal 7's end of life looming on January 5, 2025, it's time to consider a future-proof solution. 

Drupal 7 RIP

Impending end-of-life

The announced end-of-life for Drupal 7 in 2025 is a ticking time bomb for owners. After this date, there will be no more security updates or bug fixes, leaving sites vulnerable to threats and potentially causing significant damage to the business.

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Outdated technology

Drupal 7 is now an outdated technology, limiting the functionality and performance of your site. It is not worthwhile to invest in websites built on Drupal 7 due to its outdated technology.

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Complex and costly migration

Transitioning from Drupal 7 to the latest version is not straightforward. It often involves building a new site and migrating content, a process that is time-consuming, complex, and costly, often exceeding the original Drupal 7 build cost.


A maintenance plan with Drupal 7 upgrade included

When you commit to our 3-year support and maintenance package, we'll upgrade your Drupal 7 site to the cutting-edge Drupal 10 – at no extra cost!

Our team of certified Our team of Drupal specialists will guarantee a smooth upgrade, finishing the transition long before the support for Drupal 7 ends.

We don't only guarantee a smooth transition to the latest Drupal version, but also ensure continuous, reliable support and maintenance for the next three years.

  • No up-front costs for Drupal 7 upgrade

    With no upfront costs for the upgrade and a fixed monthly retainer for maintenance and support, our offer provides a cost-effective solution for your digital transformation.

  • Make your site worthy of further investment

    Instead of investing in Drupal 7 which will soon be outdated, our offer allows you to invest in the future-ready Drupal 10, ensuring your enhancements and developments are built on a platform with a long lifespan ahead.

  • Continuous support & maintenance

    Our 3-year maintenance agreement guarantees ongoing support and upkeep for your site, providing long-term stability and peace of mind.

Drupal continuity packages

Website package

Perfect for smaller businesses or organizations with simpler "brochure" Drupal 7 websites. 

Included in Drupal 7 upgrade:

  • Theme migration
  • Up to 10 content types
  • Content migration
  • Up to 20 contrib modules
  • Only migration of simple custom modules included

Included in support & maintenance:

  • Regular security updates
  • Monthly reports


Portal package

Designed for larger businesses or organizations with more complex Drupal 7 websites, like portal and web applications.

Included in Drupal 7 upgrade:

  • Theme migration
  • Up to 20 content types
  • Content migration
  • Only basic custom modules migration included
  • Up to 50 contrib modules

Included in support & maintenance:

  • Everything from the Website package
  • Priority support, faster response times


Platform package

Tailored for large enterprises with a sophisticated Drupal 7 platform with business logic, integrations, and commerce.

Included in Drupal 7 upgrade:

  • Theme migration
  • Unlimited content types
  • Content migration
  • All contrib modules
  • All custom modules

Included in support & maintenance:

  • Everything from Portal package
  • Dedicated personnel


Agiledrop: A reliable Drupal support provider for renowned brands, IT companies, and organizations worldwide

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Let's future-proof your website together

If you're ready to upgrade your Drupal 7 site and ensure its longevity, we're here to help. Fill out the form to get in touch with our team. We'll discuss your specific needs and how our Drupal Upgrade & Maintenance Packages can provide the solution you're looking for.

Once you submit the form, one of our Drupal experts will get in touch with you shortly to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. This is your chance to ask any questions you may have and learn more about how we can make your transition to Drupal 10 as smooth and effortless as possible.

Overcoming your Drupal 7 challenges with our exclusive deal

  • Outdated Technology

    We upgrade your Drupal 7 site to the latest version, ensuring you benefit from the most recent features and security updates.

  • Complex Migration

    Our team of experts handle the intricate process of creating a new site and migrating your content, saving you the hassle.

  • Rising Development Costs

    With our offer, there are no upfront costs. You only pay a monthly retainer for maintenance and support, making the transition more affordable.

  • Non-Standardized Migration

    We adapt to the unique build of your Drupal 7 site, ensuring a smooth and customized migration process.

  • Costly Upgrade

    Our solution eliminates the high costs associated with migration. The upgrade is included in our 3-year support and maintenance agreement, providing you with cost-effective peace of mind.

  • Continuity and support

    Our 3-year maintenance agreement ensures uninterrupted support and upkeep for your site pre- and post-migration, providing you with long-term stability and peace of mind.

You have questions, we have answers

What does this offer include?

This offer includes a seamless upgrade of your Drupal 7 site to the latest Drupal version when you commit to a 3-year support and maintenance agreement with us. Our team will ensure the upgrade is completed before the Drupal 7 end of life (EOL) date.

What is the cost of this offer?

This offer is structured as a monthly retainer for maintenance and support, with no upfront costs. The upgrade from Drupal 7 to the latest Drupal version is included within this monthly retainer. The specific monthly amount is determined based on the size and complexity of your site.

Who will perform the upgrade?

Our team of certified Drupal experts will handle the upgrade of your Drupal 7 site. They have extensive experience and follow best practices to ensure a smooth transition.

What happens after the upgrade?

After the upgrade, we will continue to provide reliable support and maintenance services for your newly upgraded Drupal site for the duration of the 3-year agreement.

What if I need support before the Drupal 7 EOL date?

Our support and maintenance services begin as soon as you enter into the agreement with us. You can rely on us for support even before your site is upgraded.

What if I already have an in-house team or another agency?

We can work in cooperation with your in-house team or your current agency. Our goal is to ensure your website's smooth transition and continued performance.

What does the support and maintenance agreement cover?

The agreement covers a range of services including bug fixes, security updates, website optimization, and other necessary maintenance tasks to keep your site running smoothly and securely.

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