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Latest podcasts
Linda Kahangi ADT podcast cover
Episode: 38
Linda Kahangi - The New CIO Playbook

In this episode, we discuss how CIOs can navigate the new post-Covid digital reality with Linda Kahangi, Chief Information and Operations Officer at Nomadix.

Bonnie Crater ADT podcast cover
Episode: 37
Bonnie Crater - The CMO Guide to C-Suite alignment

In this episode, we discuss the role of the CMO in aligning the C-suite of an organization with Bonnie Crater, president and CEO at Full Circle Insights.

Michael Paige ADT podcast cover
Episode: 36
Michael Paige - Paving ways to digital transformation

In this episode, we talk about what's needed for successful digital transformation with Michael Paige, CTO of the award-winning digital experience agency R2integrated.

Sophia Matveeva ADT podcast cover
Episode: 35
Sophia Matveeva - Succeeding with digital transformation for non-technical professionals

In this episode, we discuss the importance of learning how to speak tech for succeeding in the digital world with Sophia Matveeva, founder of Tech For Non-Techies.

Alex Trup ADT podcast cover
Episode: 34
Alex Trup - The importance of customer-first digital marketing

In this episode, we discuss the importance of customer-first digital marketing with Alex Trup, co-founder of a new security and privacy focused messaging app Rolo Secure Chat.

Liliana Ashton ADT podcast cover
Episode: 33
Liliana Ashton - Lessons learned from driving digital transformation for renowned global brands

In this episode, change and transformation management consultant Liliana Ashton shares the key digital transformation lessons learned throughout her work.