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We develop advanced digital solutions for news platforms, publishing houses and data aggregators. 

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Media and publishing businesses need to execute on the digital strategy

As a media or publishing business, your industry is in danger. The broad accessibility of the digital demands you adapt to its fast pace. However, as it is difficult to keep up with users’ and readers’ expectations, there is a misalignment between your operations and the demands of the market. Furthermore, you need the ability to easily manage large amounts of media across different teams and roles.

What you'll get by working with Agiledrop

  • Complete readymade development team guided by your own project management
  • Adherence of your projects & platforms to industry standards and best practices
  • Smooth monetization solutions such as paywall and subscriptions
  • Improved performance of your code and thus faster platform
  • Clear governance over content moderation & publishing workflows
  • Easy handling of media entities across all systems

Hubert Burda Media

The tech and media company, Offenburg and Munich, Germany

With over 12,000 employees, Hubert Burda Media is the biggest media publishing company in Germany, as well as one of the oldest, as it was founded in 1903. While their focus lies in producing fascinating journalistic content, they’ve invested heavily in technology, striving to always provide the most high-end experiences for their customers.

SAGE Publications

Leading independent, academic and professional publisher of innovative, high-quality content, California, USA

SAGE Publishing is based upon the belief in the importance of engaged scholarship and quality education. Founded in 1965 and boasting over 1,500 employees globally, they aim to be the leading independent, academic and professional publisher. Each year, they publish thousands of works across various subject areas, serving as a central hub for both authors and researchers.

SIL International

Faith-based nonprofit organization serving language communities as an international advocate, Texas, USA

SIL International is a Christian nonprofit dedicated to language development. One of their main initiatives is Ethnologue, a reference work with comprehensive information and statistics of the known global living languages.

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Solutions for media and publishing

Thunder CMS

Thunder is the Content Management System for professional publishing. Thunder was designed by Hubert Burda Media and released as open-source software.

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