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Our developers maximize React's potential

  • Interactive and performant enterprise-level SPAs
  • Latest innovations in front-end development
  • Heavy focus on accessibility in every front-end project
  • Optimized performance of your apps with lazy loading, etc.
  • Internationalization of your apps to reach a global audience
  • Rich library ecosystem provides additional customizability

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The most popular JavaScript library

React is the most widely used JavaScript library for creating elegant and powerful user interfaces. Its purpose is to organize HTML elements into components, which allows developers to effortlessly build complex yet performant UIs without having to write a lot of very tricky JavaScript code.

Developed and maintained by Facebook, React is open-source software supported by a huge community of contributors.

The library has a steady release cycle and has become the most popular front-end library since its release in 2013, now supported not only by Facebook but by Microsoft as well.

One of React's key advantages is the performance optimization achieved through minimizing operations performed on the actual DOM by introducing something known as the Virtual DOM.

Industries using React

As the most popular JavaScript library, React is used on over 1,000,000 websites. Among those are some of the largest enterprise companies from various sectors, with every major social media platform utilizing React. 

Our clients using React

We utilize React to create sophisticated UIs for high-level digital products. Are you part of a product team that's looking for experienced React developers?

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