Company history

Agiledrop's story started in 2008 when its founders embarked on the entrepreneurial path.

How it all started


On 26 September 2013 Agiledrop Ltd is officially incorporated.


The founding team finds new opportunities and starts recruiting developers.


The team moves to bigger offices, hiring 5 more developers and sets a strategy to help digital agencies.


Agiledrop's team is now 18 people, systems and processes are put in place that ensure quality and reliability. 


With the ever-growing team, in-house HR and talent marketing is established. The company is 25 people by the end of the year.


Agiledrop is present at all major Drupal events. At the end of the year, our team has 40 team members.


Agiledrop is now 60 people, working in four offices in Slovenia. Our team works on high-level enterprise projects, using various technologies beyond Drupal.


The Agiledrop team comprises 71 employees. We deliver advanced digital experiences with Drupal, Vue, Angular, React, Laravel and other technologies.