Agiledrop going to the nearest Drupal Camp

After a long travel to Baltimore, where two of our team members (Commercial and Operations director to be precise) attended DrupalCon Baltimore, we will have a much shorter distance to overcome this time. In fact, we'll be going to the nearest Drupal Camp possible. That's in Zagreb, where our development team will attend Drupal Heart Camp Zagreb.

Since we are located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, our nearest destination would be our coast, where there was once a Drupal Camp Alpe-Adria. But since the Camp is not taking place there anymore – we discussed that with one of its organizers Janez Urevc some time ago in the interview – our nearest Drupal Camp is this time taking place in Zagreb. And up to 10 of our team members will attend it.

Heart Camp will be held in Croatia for the first time. It will start on 19th May in the University Computing Centre (SRCE) – that's where the name comes from because »SRCE« is a Croatian word for »Heart« – in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia. It will last for three days. The tickets are still available and you can get them here. The camp will be filled with events, lectures and presentations. It will have four keynotes.


Bostjan Kovac
                 Bostjan Kovac - our Development Director


We are proud to say that one of the sessions will be from our Development director Bostjan Kovac. In his 45 minutes long (intermediate) session, with the title Web accessibility in Drupal 8, he will first check what accessibility even means and why you should care about it. Then, he will check some stats and show you what all the different ways of accessing web pages are. He will also quickly go through a guidance from W3C to see what's most important. The listeners will see where Drupal 8 shines and where are all the areas where developers can destroy things that are already in core. The most common mistakes developers are not even aware of will be checked and in the end, he will quickly go through a couple of tools that are useful and can help you along the way. The session will be video recorded.

But the purpose of every Drupal event is also socialising, so let us finish with that part. The best way to socialise will be a Friday Night Party in The Garden Brewery with burgers and The Garden craft beer right from the source. As a Drupal Camp attendee, you will get two beer coupons for free.

Don’t forget. If you see us, talk to us, we will gladly exchange our opinions with you. Hope to see you on Drupal Heart Camp Zagreb!