This is Boštjan, our Development director

Published by Ana
on 29 December 2017

Today we will present Boštjan, Development director of AGILEDROP. Let's see what he said in the interview.


When did you start working at AGILEDROP and what were your initial responsibilities?

I’m at AGILEDROP almost from the beginning when Iztok and Marko invited me to join the newly established company.

At the beginning, there was just a couple of us, so we were all working on the projects. I was doing development, mainly back-end but some front-end work was also needed.


What are your responsibilities as Development director?

My responsibilities can mainly be described as being a mentor to juniors and also a go-to guy if a developer is stuck on some problem or needs a second opinion about a solution. 

Besides that, I’m daily looking on how to improve current workflows and knowledge of our staff. I’m looking for ways to gather as much information of the knowledge of our developers, to guide them in a way to improve in the future.

When our sales team does the job, I’m often also helping to decide which developer fits certain project or client.


What are your daily tasks?

It varies quite a lot from day to day. Usually, I have one or two juniors under my supervision, so they occupy a certain percentage of time every day.

I’m also running around desks and giving others a second eye on the issues they might come along. And I’m slacking, a lot. :) Discussing things with developers, planning things with the resource manager and sales. 

Of course, I can’t avoid meetings, and I’m also doing technical interviews with candidates for the job in our company.

If I’m done with everything else, I still love to go on and check some issue queue or add a commit to the projects we’re maintaining.


How does your typical work week look like?

There are actually two scheduled weekly meetings I have every week.

On Monday morning we have weekly sync where we check current contracts, outstanding issues, and future pipeline together with sales, resource manager, and director. 

The other one is Development management sync which is on Thursdays. Here we check all the feedback we got from our developers and also from our clients. We then decide the needed actions. If developer’s feedback is that he needs more information or doesn’t get the answers he needs we warn the client about that. If we receive some concerns from the client side, we determine which developer requires particular attention and help in order to provide best results for our clients.

Besides that I usually have a couple of juniors under my supervision, so we are checking the progress of their knowledge couple of times daily. I’m also usually seen around desks in the office talking about the projects and solutions our developers are building. 

Bostjan Kovac


Who do you work with?

On one hand, I work with developers that I mentor and also with others who only have some temporary difficulties on the project they are working on. 

On the other hand, I’m often in touch with our resource manager with whom I have daily discussions and also our sales team if they need some information or help to decide which developer would fit the certain client.


What is it that you do that adds value to our services?

My primary responsibility has always been providing best results to our clients. So checking our work, improving the knowledge of the developers and follow best practices. This is something I think is a value that I’m adding to the services we provide. 


Who are you outside the company?

My free time is mostly filled with technology, sports, music and of course hanging out with my girlfriend and friends.

I was playing football since I was a kid and I still often like to gather with friends and playmates. Beside that, I like to cycle, hike, run. In winter I love skiing.

My passion is also good music. I prefer rock, but some other styles can also get my attention. I love to visit concerts and festivals, but when that is not the case, I like to grab my guitar and play some tunes.

Oh, and I like to cook. I always like to try out some new recipes.

If you have any other questions for Boštjan, get in touch, he will be more than happy to answer them.