Business sessions from Drupalcon Vienna

Written by: Ana
Published on: 10.11.2017

Nowadays business is a complex and dynamic environment. Because of its uncertainness, it's never too late to listen to a good lecture. If you have missed any session from DrupalCon Vienna, let us highlight some of them to you. 


Co-operative Drupal: Growth & Sustainability through Worker Ownership

Finn Lewis, Technical Director of Agile Collective Ltd


There is an increasing number of worker-owned Drupal companies. So there are more and more sectors looking for effective and customizable software solutions, so it's a good time to start or grow Drupal's business, which is not the easiest way to do. In this session, Finn Lewis presents his experiences and challenges with growing conventional companies with about 12 employees. Through the lecture, we get an insight into how decisions are made, how to resolve disputes, how to grow, and where to find funds for establishing a workers' cooperative.


Move up the value chain: Discover, Define, Design, Deliver, Distribute (maintain, grow & measure)

Lukas Fischer, CEO of Netnode 
Michael Mauch, Senior Digital Consultant at Netnode


This session gives us practical examples of how to bring value with Drupal technology trough consulting and delivering a Drupal solution, which adds value to clients business goals. 


Teaching Clients How to Succeed

Ken Rickard, Director of Professional Services at


For many clients, web projects happen once a decade, so it is our job clients understand the components that make for long-term project success. That is why is really important that we set client expectations early in the sales process. This is something this session is focusing on including how to talk to the clients, how to build blocks of projects, describe them to the clients and communicate about schedules and budget.


Better together, a client/agency relationship based on trust and value

Alexander Schedrov, Team Lead, Software Architect at FFW
Dmytro Danylevskyi, Team Lead at


Traditional “client/vendor” paradigm doesn’t work anymore, what now? How to build a successful relationship based on trust with your clients? The session guides us through the phases of the project and s us tips we can use. Also, we see some specific cases how to build successful relationships with clients, since the strategy “We pay, you do all the work” doesn't work anymore.   


Creating business value with Drupal

Baddý Breidert, Co-Founder, and director of 1xINTERNET GmbH


She gives us information how to present our clients Drupal 8 as a value, due to cost reductions, quality assurance, and other benefits. All pieces of information are presented through real case studies. 


Is Selling Drupal an Art or a Science?

Michel van Velde, CEO of One Shoe


Everything we do in sales is based on how we influence prospects, from pre-calling to closing the sale. We get to know what have influenced techniques based on psychological principles that direct human behavior, what is the difference between sales and account management, and which marketing strategies are good for our company. 


Marketing and Selling the Drupal Commerce Ecosystem

Ryan Szrama, President / CEO of Commerce Guys


The lecturer gives us an overview of Commerce guys managing the ecosystem of Drupal Commerce, since its constantly growing and become much more than just a single project on 

Those were some of the sessions from the last DrupalCon Vienna about business, looking forward to seeing you at the next Drupal event.