Interview with Rich Tabor of GoDaddy: How the Gutenberg block editor changes the editing experience

For our latest interview, we talked with Rich Tabor, Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience at GoDaddy and (co-)founder of several Gutenberg-related projects. An early adopter and a huge proponent of the block editor, Rich spoke to us about his work with it and the impact that blocks will have on the future of site building in WordPress. 
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Published on: 14. 7. 2020

Round up of business advice during Covid-19 outbreak for agency leaders

Covid-19 was a great surprise to all of us; it hit us from nowhere and we don't know for how long it'll be here. And this bring new business challenges: how to communicate in times of crisis, how to rethink our strategies and how to we even find new opportunities? We have made a round-up of interesting and inspirational blog posts that you'll probably find useful in these hard times.
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Published on: 6. 4. 2020