Developer's first days on board with the A-team

Written by: Ana
Published on: 25.10.2017

When new developers arrive in our team, our mission is to help them as much as we can in every aspect of adaption to the new job environment, so they can show their potential and shine in their best light. First days at a new job are really important. Based on first impressions developers form the picture about their new coworkers and about the company itself, and that can have an impact on long-term. We pay great attention to the first days with us, so we prepared a brief insight in first work days at our company.

First day

We show the new developer around, show the desk and her comfortable chair. We introduce her to the others, but of course, we don't expect her to remember all the names on the first day already. We have all the documents ready for signing before she gets the technical equipment, such as Apple MacBook with one or two additional monitors with the mouse and keyboard.

Second day

Next, we set her user accounts for the tools we use at AGILEDROP. She gets enough time to install all needed software and gets comfortable. In preparation of working environment, she gets help from our development manager, with whom she defines all learning and working goals for next month. We are not expecting that she will know everything right away, that's why we encourage her to ask whatever and whoever. That is one of the great ways to get to know your new coworkers, isn't it?

Third day

After we broke the ice, it’s time for the first project.  It is imaginary project build just for our internal training. In this way, we get her familiar with our way of work, coding standards and workflows. Our new team member is assigned a mentor for the trial work, but on the path to autonomy, she gets help from all members of the A-team. 


AGILEDROP’s onboarding project

Even though it's not a project for a client, it is nothing less important! Through this project, we can evaluate her skills and knowledge and get an insight into areas in which she might need extra help and mentoring. 

This project is waiting for our new developer on our platform for guiding projects, where she can find as well:

  • list of tasks,
  • projects settings and details,
  • projects specifications and instructions and
  • design files. 

The task list is empty. She needs to take time and read all the specifications and instructions, so she can fill task list on her own. 

There are no time restrictions on this project, and it depends on her basic skills, knowledge, and performance. Meanwhile, we record her progress and find where her knowledge can be upgraded. 


This is how the first couple of days looks at our place and we are pleased to say that developers are making fast progress and soon help our clients. Get in touch with us.