The drought is over, Antwerp is here

Written by: Matic
Published on: 7.9.2017

The drought is finally over. After a long time with no events in which we participated, it is once again time to go around the world and share the knowledge. The two summer months (July and August) are practically always »spleepy«, so we are thrilled to announce that we will be seeing you tomorrow at DrupalCamp Antwerp.

We promised that you will be informed as much as possible about where to find us besides in our office. We are keeping our promise once again. So, if you have a particular subject in mind and you like discussing things about Drupal, or anything really, say hello to us at the event and we'll gladly exchange our opinions with you.

If you don't know who you should look for, here is your answer. Our commercial director Iztok Smolic and one of our newest members Ales Kohek, the client adviser, will be present at the event in Belgium on Friday and on Saturday. This will be first such event for Ales, so in the future, you will learn more about his experience as well.


Iztok session


In the mean time, we should focus on a session titled Drupal Commerce for Drupal 8 Iztok will have tomorrow, on 8th September. Iztok had many sessions throughout the years in various Drupal camps because at AGILEDROP we know how important is to share knowledge, experiences and ideas face-to-face. However, the session will start at 16:20 and it will last until around 17:10. Everyone present at the event is, of course, welcomed. The session is qualified as intermediate.

Iztok will talk about what you can do with Commerce 2.x today and what is new in Drupal 8 version. He will guide you through some cool new features to show what Drupal Commerce 2.x can do today and tease you with the upcoming features.


Iztok Smolic will have a session at DrupalCamp Antwerp


Namely, Commerce 2.x ships with much better UX out of the box, thanks to a revamped product architecture. Moreover, it also features under the hood improvements that allow developers to implement custom product architectures for different use cases. But that won't be all. Iztok will also show you how the new payment API works and why coupons and codes are now included in the core module.

All in all, we hope you will be at the session and learn something new and useful. If you won’t be, we hope you will catch with us some other time. Perhaps on a social night, which will start the same day, two hours after Iztok’s session.