International Splash Awards: A celebration of Drupal innovation

DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019 International Splash Awards group photo

The 3rd edition of the International Splash Awards, inaugurated at Drupal Europe 2018 as the European Splash Awards, was held in conjunction with the 2019 European DrupalCon in Amsterdam. We were happy to be able to help out with the event by being the “platinum-diamond-main-and-only sponsor”, as the organizers so eloquently put it in the post-event newsletter.


Agiledrop Splash Awards sponsor


The Splash Awards are intended to recognize and reward companies for their groundbreaking projects in different categories, ranging from strictly digital ones such as design and e-commerce, to broader ones, such as healthcare and non-profit. This year again featured a diverse selection of innovative web projects each outstanding in its own way and deserving recognition.

But, not everyone can take home the trophy every time, as each of the ten categories could have only one winner - no easy task for the jury to select their favorites, and we feel the votes must have definitely been super close.

Taking this into account, the winners, as well as all the nominees, deserve that much more praise and recognition for a job well done - huge congratulations to all, from us and (we’re sure) from the entire Drupal community! You can check out who were the winners of their respective categories here.

We managed to speak with some of them about their winning projects. Here is what Ronald van Rooijen, Managing Partner at FRMWRK, had to say about earning first place in the Government and Public Services category with the SIM platform developed by their team:

FRMWRK Splash Awards winner quote


FRMWRK Splash Awards winners group photo


And here is a quote by Synetic’s CTO Daniël Smidt commenting on winning the Tools & Apps category with the Digital Asset Management system that they’ve built for Bejo

Synetic Splash Awards winner quote


Synetic Splash Awards winners group photo


We’re glad to see the regional Splash Awards, which originally started in 2014 in the Netherlands, successfully transition to the international level. We hope this is only the beginning for their international edition, as they are an excellent way of showcasing and celebrating Drupal’s diverse capabilities and the companies that champion them.

If you’d like to support the International Splash Awards, financially or otherwise, and help secure their sustainability, reach out to the team through the Drupal Slack #splashawards channel to learn how you can get involved. 


Credit for the two winners photos, as well as the group cover photo, goes to Rachel Viersma.