Interview with Igor, our Development manager

Published by Ana
on 19 January 2018

We have sat down with our Development manager, Igor and ask him a couple of questions. Enjoy the interview.


When did you start working at AGILEDROP and what were your initial responsibilities?

I started working at Agiledrop in September 2015 as a junior developer. At first, I was working mainly as a frontend developer with some small site building tasks so that I got more familiar with Drupal (I didn’t work with Drupal before). After few weeks I got more and more backend tasks and soon I became Drupal backend developer. Initially, I was there to learn Drupal and try to improve my developer's skill as quickly as possible, so that I could start independently working on projects. I was working for clients worldwide, and my job was to make their projects come to life.


What are your responsibilities as Development manager?

Mainly I'm helping/mentoring junior developers but also more experienced developers find my help useful. We have onboarding project through which every new developer must go. One of my jobs is also to update/extend this onboarding project so that after they finish it, they get as much as possible Drupal knowledge.




What are your daily tasks?

Currently, my daily tasks are to check how the internal project, which I'm working on with junior developers, is going. I then write new tasks for them, test and review their previous work etc.
Through all the day I'm always available for questions from any developers who need my help.
If any of developers don't work for a client, Boštjan or I need to prepare some task for them, so that they always have something to do. That way they learn new stuff and improving their development skills.


How does your typical work week look like?

The same as daily, just 5x time longer :) 
Ok, one time a week we get together with all developer managers and talk about how it is going our developers on their contracts, if they have any problems, need any help etc.




Who do you work with?

I mainly work with junior developers and developers which are not completely independent and need my help. I also closely work with Boštjan. We are always working on/trying to improve our onboarding project, discussing and planning how to learn new employees as much Drupal as possible in shortest time etc.


What is that you do that adds value to our services?

With my Drupal expertise, I help everyone who has a problem with tasks they can not solve. I help them achieve all the goals clients are expecting from them.


Who are you outside the company?

I consider myself as a sportsman. I like to go to the gym, play soccer, tennis, skiing in winter etc.


If you have any other questions for Igor, get in touch, he will be more than happy to answer them.