Interview with our Commercial director Iztok

Written by: Ana
Published on: 24.11.2017

We have sat down with our Commercial director, Iztok Smolic and ask him a couple of questions. Enjoy the interview. 


When did you start working at AGILEDROP and what were your initial responsibilities?

I am one of the co-founders of AGILEDROP, so I am with the company from its beginning. In the early days, all of us wore many hats. In my case, 60% of the time I was working on the development and the other 60% I was communicating with new clients and wrote proposals (yes, I did some overtime). As we grew I was able to focus on the thing I was best at, that was advising to clients and being creative and innovative in marketing.

What are your responsibilities as the Commercial director?

As the commercial director, I am responsible for sales and marketing. Sales at AGILEDROP means understanding what the agency is looking for and advise them on the solution. Marketing is how we make sure to stay on top of the mind with potential clients. I believe we can help any digital agency experiencing resource challenges; we just need the opportunity to prove ourselves. 


Iztok Smolič

What are your daily tasks?

My daily tasks depend on my projects. Sometimes I am managing a team of developers who are upgrading one of our websites, some other day I am involved with organizing an event in our office. I am communicating with agency owners and managers on a daily base. I make sure that I reach out to at least one existing or potential partner to learn what are they struggling with that day.

How does your typical work week look like?

Every Monday morning we start with a sync meeting, after that, I sit down with our MD, Marko, to talk about strategy. After that, it's a mixture of meetings, emails, and reading on new exciting topics that can help my customers. To be honest, I am not great at scheduling my time, and this is something I am continually trying to improve.

Who do you work with?

Most of the time I work with the management team to sync around schedules and development team to get an understanding how can we best help our clients. Because of that, I am in contact with everyone in the organization, which is cool. 

What is that you do that adds value to our services?

Having 11 years of Drupal experiences help me better understand challenges our clients face. I can make decisions faster with more confidence. I believe agency owners value my technical skills from the past as well as my ability to understand their business struggles.

Who are you outside the company?

I have more free time for hobbies, now that the company has grown. I always liked to create, so my recent hobby is making things out of wood. This summer I renovated my garden shed and made furniture out of pallet wood.



If you have any other questions for Iztok, get in touch, he will be more than happy to answer them.