Must-see Business, Marketing & Industry sessions at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019

Published by Tim
on 24 September 2019
in Drupal
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The European edition of the 2019 DrupalCon likely features a more diverse and exciting palette of possible sessions to attend than any previous European ‘Con. There are so many of them that it’s not an easy task picking the ones you absolutely don’t want to miss. 

We at Agiledrop are especially excited by the Business + Marketing track. Since it’s practically impossible to cover all the tracks without missing most of the great sessions, we decided to focus on this track, as well as the more general Industry track. 

Without further ado, here are our picks for the must-see business, marketing and industry sessions at next month’s DrupalCon. Hope to catch you at some of them!


Business + Marketing track

The Art of Mentorship

Monday, October 28, 16:25 - 16:45 @ G104

Maria Totova, Drupal developer, trio-group communication & marketing gmbh, Coding Girls
Todor Nikolov, Drupal developer, Tech Family Ventures, Coding Girls

This session will dive into the importance of mentorship and how the relationship benefits both mentee and mentor. Being mentors themselves, Maria and Todor will share their experiences with teaching and give some tips on effective mentorship. 

If you’re thinking about becoming a mentor, but have some hesitations, or if you’re already mentoring someone, but feel like you could use some improvements, this is definitely a session you’ll want to attend.


The Good, The Bad and The Data: Marketing Strategies for Open Source Companies

Monday, October 28, 17:15 - 17:35 @ G102

Felix Morgan, Content Manager, Amazee Group

This is the perfect session for companies working with open source software that are struggling with marketing. Amazee’s Felix Morgan will present some marketing best practices for such companies by covering three different topics: personas and stakeholders; community and narrative; and data.


Winning and retaining long term clients

Tuesday, October 29, 17:15 - 17:55 @ G103

Owen Lansbury, Co-founder, PreviousNext

Acquiring clients is already a major challenge agencies have to deal with. Retaining these clients, then, and turning them into long-term clients is an even greater challenge. Owen’s session will provide insights on spotting and winning over the types of clients with whom you can forge a long-term relationship, as well as then cultivating that relationship.


Women on top: How to get (and keep) women in your leadership roles

Wednesday, October 30, 9:00 - 9:40 @ G109

Shannon Vettes, Factories Program Manager, Acquia
Lindsey Catlett, Drupal architect, Newell Brands
Jenn Sramek, Director of Learning Services, Acquia

It’s no secret that there’s quite a scarcity of women in technology, especially in positions of leadership. But this lack of diversity is actually harmful to business itself; teams with a greater percentage of women and with women as leaders are generally more productive and successful.

This session will talk about the bias towards women in IT and illustrate the challenges they face in this field, while also providing tips to combat this and attract and retain a diverse range of talent.


Industry track

How to start contributing to Drupal without Code

Monday, October 28, 15:25 - 15:45 @ G102

Paul Johnson, Drupal Director, CTI Digital

Non-code contributions to open source are just as welcome as all the code contributions, and often that much more needed. Much too often, however, non-code contributions to open source have gone underappreciated. 

Fortunately, Paul Johnson is remedying this in the Drupal community and encouraging contribution of any kind. His session will serve as a stepping stone for non-developers working in Drupal to get involved and start contributing.


Drupal’s place in an evolving landscape - Modernising your Commerce architecture

Tuesday, October 29, 10:30 - 11:10 @ G106

Richard Jones, CTO, Inviqa

One of the big buzzwords in Drupal right now is “headless” or “decoupled”. Alongside Drupal, another area where the “headless” approach is gaining ground is ecommerce. In his session, Richard will take a look at the evolution of commerce websites, as well as how Drupal can be used in the commerce ecosystem as the content and experience layer.


In Their Own Words: Stories of Web Accessibility

Wednesday, October 30, 15:25 - 15:45 @ G103

Helena McCabe, Technical Account Manager, Lullabot

Even though the situation is improving, accessibility is still much too often considered of secondary importance when setting up a website. During her session, Helena McCabe will share first-person stories of people with disabilities, with the aim of inspiring attendees to adopt a more inclusive and accessible mindset when designing experiences for the web.


4 Keys to a Successful Globalization Strategy and CMS Platform Architecture

Wednesday, October 30, 15:00 - 15:40 @ Auditorium

Ann-Marie Shepard, Domain Architect, IBM
Tina Williams, Digital and Content Strategist, IBM

For a business operating in international markets, it’s no easy task to keep producing relevant content and maintain web platforms for all the different audiences it’s trying to reach. A well thought-out globalization strategy is needed for this. 

In this session, you’ll learn both the business requirements and the technical solution behind IBM’s optimization of Drupal 8’s translation capabilities to support a successful globalization strategy. 


This was our selection of some of the most interesting sessions from the upcoming DrupalCon. Of course, with so many different tracks, there are many more great ones to attend - you can check out the whole day-by-day and track-by-track program here. See you in Amsterdam next month!