Other Top Drupal Blogs from March

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 by Matic

After our Drupal blogs from the previous month, it's always time for Drupal Blogs that were written by other authors. Here are the best Drupal Blogs from March.

We'll begin our list with Alanna Burke and Drupal 7 Features vs. Drupal 8 Configuration Management. She praised the new configuration management system in Drupal 8 as one of its best pieces and explained, how it helps developers to export configuration into code compared to the old way of Features on Drupal 7.

Our second choice is Drupal Serialization Step-by-Step by Mateu Aguiló Bosch, who continued his previous blog post about serializer component. This time, the author focuses on the Drupal integration of the Symfony serializer component. He guides readers step-by-step through a module he created.

Third spot is reserved for Mikael Kundert and his DrupalCamp London 2017. From the first hand, the author writes about attending, speaking and volunteering on Drupalcamp London. The event was scheduled for the fifth time and the author was once again responsible for making it run smoothly.

We continue with Edward and his Using Normalizers to Alter REST JSON Structure in Drupal 8. This blog post is about normalizers that will help users alter the REST response to their liking. Namely, the REST output provided by Drupal core is in a certain structure that may not necessarily satisfy the requirements as per the structure the consuming application expects. Therefore, he looked at altering the JSON response for node entities.

Our fifth choice is Our presentations at Drupal Dev Days Seville by Andrea Pescetti. The author presents both sessions from Drupal Developer Days in Seville, where he and his team sponsored the event. Both sessions are equipped with slides and all the latest updates about the modules, which were presented.

Making the sixth spot was Jorge Diaz with Why is the Drupal Bootstrap Theme So Successful. As it is obvious from the title, the author presented specific technical reasons why Bootstrap is such an attractive option. He stated that as a Drupal themer, it's rare that he chooses something other than the Bootstrap base theme for a new project.

We'll conclude our list with Janez Urevc and his Drupal 8 Security Features: User-submitted Data Sanitization. This was the fourth part of the blog series about the Drupal 8 security features, which concludes the series. It is once again shown how Drupal 8 protects users from some of the most common vulnerabilities on the web.

That's our selection for the past month. We are quite aware that not everyone is interested in everything and that some other important topics were covered as well. But as we said, that's our selection. Don't forget, we'll make a list every month so that you will be informed as much as possible. Until then, wait for our next blog post.