Top 10 Drupal blogs

Written by: Ana
Published on: 21.11.2017

Nowadays, a lot of knowledge is available on the Internet, we can get answers to almost all our questions and easily ease our curiosity and give us new ideas. Drupal community is also very active in this field, there are many blogs that are worth your time, so we present them to you.


Dries Buytaert blog 

Dries Buytaert is the “father” of Drupal, therefore he is the greatest source of everything related to Drupal. On his personal blog, you can read about Drupal community, news and his personal thoughts about developments world. 

The Drupal Association  

The Drupal Association encourages Drupal community and its growth. They participate in several segments of Drupal, such as promotion, financing, education, etc. The main areas in which they work are, DrupalCon, and Drupal Jobs. On their blog, they represent news and novelties from Drupal and Drupal Association.

Lullabot Articles

Lullabot provides their insights about Drupal development. They publish tutorials and present new version of Drupal and modules. We also like to listen to the podcast show called “Behind the screens”, where they have interviews with different people involved in Drupal.  


The Palantir blog shares ideas and their experience in Drupal development, why they love Drupal and what benefits they see in it. We also like to listen to their podcasts On the air with Palantir. 

Acquia blog

Acquia has a leading cloud platform for whole digital experiences in Drupal. Their blog provides insights of the firm, their contribution to the community, events, and ideas about creating the future.


PreviousNext Blog

Blog of this Australian firm enables us to see first hand, how to build agile websites. They also share their presentations from Drupal conferences. 

Nuvole Blog

Nuvole, a firm specializing in online communications through open-source tools, writes mostly about code driven development, Drupal conferences and new versions of Drupal. 

Amazee Labs

Amazee Labs is a Swiss firm working in global environment, providing the whole digital experience. They write about their way of working, projects, conferences and personal experience related to Drupal. We also like to read their blog posts on Medium, those blog posts are from system company Amazee I/0. 


They are partners in supporting their clients’ digital transformation. Over the blog, you can learn about e-commerce, their projects, and client’s story. They also provide great technical tutorials and CMS market insights.

New target

They work on many different platforms, Drupal included. From their blog, you can get the wider perspective of different platforms, web design and online marketing. 


Those are blogs that we like to read, if you have any other favorite blog, let us know on twitter