Top 8 digital business podcasts to follow in 2022

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If not before 2020, digitalization and digital transformation have definitely been the most important business area for the past two years. Non-digital businesses were suddenly forced to digitally transform, optimally enabling both their customers and their employees to facilitate their lives through digital technologies.

As a consequence, we’ve been seeing more and more content such as podcasts that focus on this transformation and its different aspects – we launched our podcast Agile Digital Transformation back in September 2020, for instance.

With so many great content options in this sphere, we wanted to take a deep dive into which ones are truly the most engaging for business owners and decision makers, and which ones we believed would be most helpful for their digital transformation journeys.

We mainly focused on the podcasts that touch upon different topics within digital transformation and digital strategy, but which also include the business perspective and adopt a more big-picture view, looking beyond just technology and also more at the people / leadership aspects.

While there were a lot of great tech-oriented podcasts which are no longer active, we decided to only include ones that are still actively publishing episodes (i.e. the latest episode is less than a month old). So, without further ado, here are the 8 digital transformation podcasts that resonated with us the most.


1. Digital Innovator

  • Launched in July 2020 (as Sync)
  • 82 episodes
  • Hosted by Ken Yarmosh, technology thought leader and author of App Savvy

Our number one choice is the Digital Innovator podcast due to its excellent balance of engaging topics coupled with its relaxed, authentic approach to relaying information. This makes the podcast both very informative and very enjoyable to listen to.

Additionally, it features a great mix of shorter, more focused episodes presented solely by Ken, and longer, more in-depth ones with interesting guests covering broader topics. 

The shorter episodes typically discuss helpful productivity tools and tips, while the longer ones tackle topics such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing. One of our favorites is episode 72 which features Ken’s on-point comparison of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 with the emerging Web 3.0.

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2. Winning Digital Customers

  • Launched in October 2020
  • 52 episodes
  • Hosted by Howard Tiersky, digital transformation influencer and Wall Street Journal bestselling author

Howard Tiersky is one of the leading digital transformation experts and brings an abundance of experience to all of his discussions. We were very happy to host him on episode 32 of Agile Digital Transformation where we discussed the importance of overcoming change resistance for effective transformation.

Winning Digital Customers features Howard’s unique perspectives and tips, either presented by him or through conversations with guests. The bulk of it is very practical, insightful advice focused around digital customer experience; ultimately, it does exactly what it promises – helps you win digital customers.

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3. Digital Transformation Podcast

  • Launched in April 2019
  • 78 episodes
  • Hosted by Kevin Craine, leading Enterprise Content Management Influencer and award-winning podcast producer

Indisputably one of the best tech-focused podcasts, the Digital Transformation Podcast is extremely well produced and features prominent guests discussing high-level topics in digital transformation such as the Big Tech revolution.

The podcast covers many of the hottest topics right now – automation, AI, low code & no code, etc. – but also doesn’t shy away from more controversial areas of discussion which make the listener think, such as to what extent technology rules over our lives.

The abundance of interesting topics together with Kevin’s masterful conduct of the interviews makes it almost impossible to choose a favorite episode; you definitely can’t go wrong with starting out with the ones closest to your areas of interest.

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4. Unpacking the Digital Shelf

  • Launched in October 2019
  • 140 episodes
  • Hosted by Peter Crosby, executive director of the Digital Shelf Institute, and others

While more focused on brand manufacturing in the digital age, Unpacking the Digital Shelf also includes a lot of broader topics in the digital space, spanning over an impressive 140 episodes. It’s well balanced between webinars with audience engagement, and interviews with guest speakers.

The latest episode, “What Sheep and Ecommerce Leaders Have in Common”, provides some great insights into why ecommerce efforts so often lack true innovation. 

Some of the others we really enjoyed listening to were the discussions on the role of friction in ecommerce and the concept of a digitally resilient organization.

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5. Let's talk Transformation…

  • Launched in June 2020
  • 49 episodes
  • Hosted by Suzie Lewis, executive coach and founder of Transform for Value

Let’s talk Transformation… is a fantastic podcast featuring deep back and forth conversations between host Suzie Lewis and her guests. It is highly focused on the human aspect of digital transformation – culture, leadership, etc. – and as such very much in line with the focus of Agiledrop’s podcast.

The podcast takes a big-picture view of transformation, treating it as an organizational issue, with companies having to provide the optimal environments for transforming.

An episode that showcases this really well is number 44, “Thinking Wrong about transformation”, in which Suzie and guest Greg Galle talk about adapting our mental models to facilitate successful transformation.

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6. The AcroCast

  • Launched in June 2021
  • 19 episodes
  • Hosted by different members of the Acro Media team

AcroCast is the podcast of the Canadian digital agency Acro Media. Since Acro Media are e-commerce specialists, a lot of AcroCast episodes revolve around topics relevant to e-commerce, such as personalization and customer experience.

But in addition to those, they also cover other topics in the digital space, particularly in marketing and IT. With a few exceptions, the majority of the episodes are bite-sized and straight to the point, sometimes lasting under 5 minutes.

Among the longer, more in-depth episodes, one to check out if you’re in the B2B space is definitely “Digital solutions for B2B companies” featuring business development experts Becky Parisotto and Matt Gomez.

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7. Digital Stratosphere: Digital Transformation, ERP, HCM, and CRM Implementation Best Practices

  • Launched in June 2021
  • 100 episodes
  • Hosted by Eric Kimberling, CEO and founder at Third Stage Consulting, and others

On the heels of episode number 100, with its launch just over half a year ago, Digital Stratosphere is the most active technology-oriented podcast we came across. Similarly to a few of the others we’ve highlighted, it balances shorter, bite-sized episodes with longer, more in-depth ones featuring different guests. 

In contrast with some of the more human-centered ones, it is very heavily focused on the technology aspect, featuring a lot of practical technical tips and tricks for making wise technology decisions and optimizing business processes, underscored by their objective, technology-agnostic perspective.

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8. Momenta I Digital Thread

  • Launched in February 2018
  • 174 episodes
  • Hosted by Ken Forster, executive director at Momenta

Launched 4 years ago, in February 2018, Momenta’s Digital Thread is the oldest technology podcast we’re including that is still going strong at 174 episodes. It features very high-level, renowned guests, and the episodes are structured so as to showcase the guests’ first-hand experiences.

This comprehensive personal approach gives an authentic, behind the scenes feel to the conversations with leading professionals in the digital industry. The topics discussed are very diverse and often explore large-scale future possibilities of technology, e.g. using it for more sustainable farming.

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Honorable mention: Agile Digital Transformation

ADT podcast logo embed

While we typically don’t like doing too much self-promotion, we felt we almost had to include our podcast Agile Digital Transformation, as it covers a wide range of topics through in-depth engaging conversations, and case studies and practical examples. 

We do our best to focus on both the technology and human aspect to give our listeners as cohesive a view as possible. We just released episode number 50 at the end of last month, and more exciting new episodes are coming very soon. Check it out, if you haven’t yet, and stay tuned.



It wasn’t easy making the picks with so many top-notch digital podcasts to choose from, but we feel like we’ve managed to uncover the most interesting, enjoyable and helpful ones which aspiring digital leaders will be able to get the most out of.

Let us know if there’s a technology podcast which we missed but you really enjoy. If you’re interested in getting featured on an episode of Agile Digital Transformation or know someone who does, drop us a line and let’s talk more about talking.