Top Drupal blog posts from August 2018

Published by Ana
on 13 September 2018
in Drupal

Each month, we revisit out top Drupal blog posts of the month, giving you the chance to check out some of our favourites. Let’s look at the top blog posts from August 2018.

First one on the list is The Marketer’s Guide to Drupal 8: 10 Reasons Enterprise Marketers Choose Drupal by Ally DelGuidice-Bove from Mediacurrent. When it comes to implementing marketing processes, it’s important to have a system that promotes ease and efficiency, and Drupal provides a variety of integrated tools offering just that. Ally made a list of reasons why enterprise marketers adopt Drupal so well.


We continue our list with Pros and Cons with Docker by Mark Labrecque from Affinity Bridge. Mark has been using Docker for more than a year now. In this blog post, he explains what he sees as the pros and cons of the Docker. 


The third spot is reserved for a blog post 6 Popular CRM Platforms & How to Integrate Them with Your Drupal Site by Nikki Smith from Sevaa Group. Nikki first explains what CRM is, then introduces us to 6 different CRM Platforms, and tells us how to integrate them with Drupal. 


Let’s continue with Drupal Admin UX Study: the Survey Results Are In! by Suzanne Dergacheva from Evolving Web. Suzanne is a part of an Admin UX User Study group in the Drupal community. They are doing research to help Drupal admin UI to improve. So far, there are 260 participants, and the first results are quite interesting.  




Our fifth choice is Caring about webform accessibility by Jacob Rockowitz. We often don't understand how people with disabilities use our application, so we forget about accessibility. Because more accessible your website is, the more users reach out and engage. Jacob introduces us with tools that show us obvious problems. Let's all make the accessibility optimization a part of the web development process. 


The sixth blog post we would like to highlight is Early Rendering: A Lesson in Debugging Drupal 8 by Matt Oliveira from Lullabot. Matt came across an error on his client’s site, and in this blog post he shows us the issue and what did he learn while solving it. 


The next one is The Path to Migration by Cindy McCourt from Promet Source. Cindy is diving deep into migration, answering the questions like: how can a new site look after a migration, what are triggers for a project migration, what paths can be taken, and how to create the right team. 


Eight one in a row is a Progressive Decoupling With Drupal 8 and ReactJS by Tom Mount from Eastern Standard. Tom explains what he has learned during the Admission site for UPenn. He takes us through the background of a project and explains how we arrived at the decision to implement a progressively decoupled portion of the site.


And we conclude our list with a blog post Null Users and System Users in Drupal by Oliver Davies. Oliver has developed two new modules that introduce new types of users in Drupal 8. System users and Null users can be used for development and administrative purposes to perform tasks on Drupal sites, such as performing actions based on an API request, or for sending an internal site message.  Thank you, Oliver, for your contribution to Drupal. 


These are our top blogs from August… We will be collecting best Drupal blog posts in September too. Stay tuned.