Top Drupal blog posts from January

Published by Ana
on 7 February 2018

Each month, we revisit our top Drupal blog posts of the month, giving you the chance to check out some of our favourites. Here’s a look at the top blog posts from January.



First one on the list is New features for TMGMT by Sascha Grossenbacher from MD Systems. They were working on several new features for The Translation Management Tool, and this blog post is revealing some of the new functionality. 


We continue our list with Never "Just" a Patch by AmyJune Hineline, know as “Volkswagenchick” from Hook 42. In the years contributing back to the project, AmyJune has learned that we can't minimize the importance of thing we see as “little”, like a typo, documentation patch or grammar mistake. We can’t have an attitude as “Oh, it's just a patch”, but we have to get involved. How? Check it out. 


The third spot is reserved for a blog post What the hell is GraphQL? by Philipp Melab from Amazee Labs, in which he is answering a question would if he rather use GraphQL instead of Rest API. What are the benefits of one or other and which one is right for you? 




Let’s continue with Breakthrough Technologies blog post D8 - custom batch processes in which Jonathan Franks walks us through batch processing and shows us how we can do it all by ourselves.  


Ranking fifth is Removing the Default Drupal Page Title the Correct Way by Jenna Shenk from Unleashed Technologies. No matter if you are building title field module by yourself or using Display suite, there can be an issue of duplicate titles on a page.


Our sixth choice is Local Drupal Development Roundup by Andrew Berry from Lullabot reviewing the options available for local development in 2018 since developers are struggling with their local's environments and we don't clearly see the best choice among the local setups.  


hand on computer


The seventh blog post we would like to highlight is Custom Block Deployment Strategies for Drupal 8 by Zach Weishar from Isovera. Zack talks about strategies of custom block deployment in Drupal 8 since it can’t be managed directly by the Configuration management. 


The next one is Drupal 8 Modules We ♥ for 2018 by Suzanne Dergacheva, co-founder of Evolving Web. This blog post is actually recommendation list of Drupal 8 modules.


And we conclude our list with the blog post with How to decouple Drupal in 2018 by Dries Buytaert, a founder of Drupal and Acquia. He provides us with some answers to question about how and when to do decoupled Drupal. What are the different ways to do that and how you make a decision based on your needs? 



These are our top blogs from January … We will be collecting best Drupal blog post in February too. Stay tuned.