Top Drupal blog posts from November

Written by: Ana
Published on: 6.12.2017

November said farewell from us and the autumn will follow soon as well. Winter is knocking at our door, bringing Holidays, full of gifts.  Before we start enjoying December’s atmosphere, let's look back at the best Drupal blog posts from November.


Let's begin with a blog by Tim Broeker from the Electric citizen with the title Drupal 8 DevOps: Automation for happier teams and clients. It talks about how and what benefits we can use with the solid DevOps strategy. It provides us with better projects and satisfied customers, without needing any major financial contribution.


A second spot is reserved for a blog post by Blair Wadman from BeFused: Moving from theming in Drupal 7 to Drupal 8? Overview of key changes in which he is exploring some of the key changes in Drupal 8. He is encouraging everybody to move to Drupal 8 because of its benefits, such as improved security and more elegant theming. 


Our third choice is Drupal Website Accessibility, Part 1: The problem, and why it matters… by Appnovation. In this blog post, it is explained what does web accessibility refers to and shows some great examples. 




Let’s continue with Smart Cropping of Media with Image Widget Crop Drupal Module by Jorge Montoya from OSTraining. In this blog post, you can see the tutorial of using Image Widget Crop module in conjunction with the new media features for images available in Drupal core. 


Our fifth choice is a blog post by Jan Pára from Morpht: Announcing Entity Class Formatter for Drupal 8. It is a module that gives us a lot of possibilities. Which one and how to use it, check the blog post. 


Ranking sixth is a blog post from Jigar Mehta from Evolving Web: Profiling and optimizing Drupal migrations with Blackfire. It gives us an insight of analyzing migrations with Blackfire, which saved them a lot of time. 


Seventh is Security in Code Deployment: Unknown Drupal codebase by Perttu Ehn from Exove. It is showing us what to do in case you have a scenario, where you have to review the entire codebase in a project you have to maintain. 


And we conclude our list with the blog post by Andy Mead from Elevated third: Marketing automation, meet Drupal. It is about a partnership between Drupal and Marketing Automation. He talks about how to use MA properly in Drupal to get the result we want, that is capturing latent demand and turn it into sales.



These are our top blogs from November … We will be collecting best Drupal blog post in December too. Stay tuned.