Top Drupal blog posts from September 2018


Each month, we revisit out top Drupal blog posts of the month, giving you the chance to check out some of our favourites. Let’s look at the top blog posts from September 2018.


First one on the list is We made Drupal a lot easier to evaluate by Dries. Matthew Grasmick wrote a blog post about how hard it is to install Drupal, comparing to other platforms. As a result, Dries encouraged the community to improve the evaluator experience. In this blog post, he shows the results until now. 


We continue our list with a blog post Drupal Business Survey 2018 results are in! by One shoe. One shoe and Exove have been working closely with the Drupal Association on the global Drupal business survey, which showed the trends in the Drupal industry, especially among Drupal agencies. See the results. 


The third spot is reserved for a blog post 5 New Features You'll See in Drupal 8.6 by Steve Burge from OSTraining. Major Drupal updates are released twice per year, the second release of the year 2018 was in September, and this blog post looks up the new features of the Drupal 8.6.


Let’s continue with Indiana University Libraries: Upgrading to Drupal 8, Improving Search, and More by Lauren Seaton from Blue Spark. This is a case study. Lauren introduces us to their project goals and their approach to achieve them. 


Our fifth choice is Server-side Rendering Best Practices: How We Run Decoupled Websites with 110 Million Hits per Month by Michael Schmid from Amazee Labs. Michael guides us through the process of coding and infrastructure of Lagoon, an Open Source: build and development system. He shares a presentation from Decoupled Drupal Days, which shows how they set up a complex project, and in this blog post he sums it up.


The sixth blog post we would like to highlight is Drupal vs WordPress - A Lego Analogy by Rob McBryde from Mediacurrent. Before you build your website, you need to choose a platform to do it on. There is a long list of CMSs you can choose from. Before you do that, you have to ask yourself, which one is the right one for you. In this blog post, you will see the difference between WordPress and Drupal. 


The next one is Future-Proofing Your Content with Drupal 8 by Tim Cruse from Duo Consulting. Tim explains that after talking to companies, many of them hesitate to upgrade to Drupal 8 because of its cost. He believes there are a lot of reasons to upgrade that overweights the cost, but the most important is that allows you to future-proof your content. In this blog post, he explains what he means by that. 


Eight one is a Drupal 8 Migration with Multiple Paragraph References by Joel Steidl from Aten Design Group. He explains that he ran into an issue migrating Paragraph Entities (Entity Reference Revisions) with a few open core bugs and ended up being really simple to solve within preparing  Rowin the source plugin. He shows us how he solved it.  


And the last but not least one is a blog post Drupal 7, 8 and 9 by Dries. Dries provides us with some further details about Drupal 9 release. We are excited! 


These are our top blogs from September… We will be collecting best Drupal blog posts in October too. Stay tuned.