Top Drupal blogs from July

Written by: Matic
Published on: 8.8.2017

Holidays are at the peak, so some activities rest. But not in Drupal. There were many blog posts written in the past month by us in by other authors. Since we already presented our part, it's time to look at the others and present the Top Drupal Blogs from July.

We'll begin our list with Michael Silverman and his 6 Reasons to use Drupal vs Wordpress. The author discusses all the numbers that favour Wordpress and then completely turns the blog post to the reasons why Drupal is better suited for your (business) website than Wordpress. A little hint. Reasons are connected with growth.

We continue with Sprint Week 2017 Recap by Mike Hubbard. Acro Media organized a Sprint Week, which brought together their staff to have fun weekend of Drupal contrib work. It is a community development of all aspects of the Drupal software, including code, design/UX, documentation and more. The author has written a very comprehensive and detailed recap.

Our third choice is Make your plans for DrupalCon Vienna by Josef Dabernig. Although DrupalCon Vienna is still more than a month ago, the author made an overview of what’s planned so far, so that Drupalistas will keep that in mind when they will be planning your their stay in Vienna.


wordpress vs drupal


The next one is Comparing Drupal and Sitecore by Bill Shaouy. In fact, the author has written the blog post in two parts, so it's probably best to read them both. However, in the first part he compared the two from the perspectives of content authoring, marketing, and business, while in the second part he looked at the two platforms from an IT and community perspective.

We continue with How to Migrate Posts from Wordpress to Drupal 8 by Minnur Yunusov. The blog post shows us how to migrate thumbnail content from Wordpress to Drupal 8. With it, Drupalistas will better understand the content migration process and are given the starting point for future migrations.

We conclude our list with Merging Entities During a Migration to Drupal 8 by Matt Robison. The author walked us through an example of migrating part of a Drupal 7 site to Drupal 8, with an eye toward cleaning up the content model a bit.

That's our selection for the past month. We are quite aware that not everyone is interested in everything and that some other important topics were covered as well. But as we said, that's our selection. Don't forget, we'll make a list every month so that you will be informed as much as possible. Until then, wait for our next blog post.