Top Drupal posts from April 2020

Top Drupal posts from April 2020

This month’s recap is focusing on the release of Drupal 9 - because it is getting closer - and, of course, on different views on digitalization. We could say without a doubt that in the past month a lot of businesses learned the benefits of an on-line world in a hard way. 

Shopify with Drupal: A Case Study Apart

Entermedia is a company based in New York and Austin. In this case study they guide us through connecting Drupal and Shopify, one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms. Although it was some kind of technical journey with challenges of its own, they successfully managed to connect both platforms and take their client’s business to the next level.

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When to Upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9

The answer is simple: sooner rather than later. Or did you think otherwise? This is because the Drupal 9 version doesn’t have new features and matches the core from the 8.9. version; the only difference is that in the latest version the deprecated code is removed. 

It’s always smart to check if your favourite Drupal modules are compatible with Drupal 9, but as author Karen Stevenson stated in this blog post: “Many modules are already compatible, and others will need minimal changes.”

So, planning an upgrading to Drupal 9 should be included in your long term goals.

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Updating Drupal 8 Modules to Drupal 9

More on upgrades! This blog post is focused od Drupal modules and Rob Powell, an experienced Drupal developer, explains more about why some code will be deprecated, how this will affect your site and why  theDrupal checker command line tool is the best way to check if your site is Drupal 9 ready. In this blog post you’ll also learn how to write a patch to fix deprecated code and you’ll discover additional resources that can help you start.

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Designing a Flexible Content Model with Drupal: Layout Builder & Paragraphs

Every non-technical user wants a simple way for editing and managing website content. Building simple (and even complex) page layouts is now probably easier than ever, thanks to different page builders. In this post, Suzanne Dergacheva from Evolving Web presents different page builders, focusing mainly on the Layouts and Paragraph modules for Drupal. The answer to the classical question - which is better? - is simple: it depends! If you want to know more on this topic, read Suzanne’s blog post.

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Usability and UX Can Make Space Cool for Everyone

What do you have in common with Nasa? Far more than you probably know; to say the least, you both have a website, which needs to be ready to handle a growing audience and should provide a good user experience, and you both thrive on creating appealing content that will engage users.

This post from Mobomo’s Director of Sales, Karandeep Kang,  explains the challenges they had when they migrated the NASA page to Amazon cloud and Drupal 7. Beside the high traffic level, NASA’s web page should be able to handle a lot of daily content updates, provide a great user experience and without a compromise a high level security and top-notch performance and availability; just like any other professional website.

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Higher Standards for Inclusion: Web Accessibility in Drupal 8

Digital accessibility should be a priority for your business; beside the “moral” obligation, it is now demanded by law. Drupal 8 is already equipped with the Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) and the new version of Drupal, Drupal 9, focuses even more on accessibility, with totally WCAG AA compliant themes, to mention just one.

But let’s not rush; Drupal 8 already offers a lot of options for a better overall website accessibility, which is neatly shown in this blog post by Tom Bianchi from Acquia. Have a read!

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Drupal blog posts - April's recap

I hope you found this recap useful and inspiring; in any case you are welcome to discover more interesting topics on our blog.