Which big names use Drupal?

Business Drupal

I saw a post recently about another Drupal 8 site that got launched. It was Rainforest Alliance. Nothing special at first. But then, out of curiosity, I clicked on it and checked it. While I was admiring the impressive pictures of the forests, I suddenly remembered that over a month ago I read an article about city of Boston launching its website on Drupal. Then it hit me. Who are the »big names« that Drupal can show off to the world and say 'These are our most proud members'?

As you may have heard or read or anything else, Drupal is a free and open-source content-management framework that provides a back-end framework for at least 2.2% of all web sites worldwide. To put it in numbers, that's more than a million websites that run on Drupal worldwide. They can be found in form of personal blogs and all the way down to the corporate, political and governmental websites.

Boston.gov on Drupal


You can be sure that every government, political party or personal blog doesn't have its Drupal site modified up to date and not everyone is run on its latest version of Drupal, known as Drupal 8. Nobody minds that. However, what are the criteria that labels a company, political party or anything else as a »big name«? Well, we could find a lot of them from a lot of different sources, but I'll just take into account reputation, size and its impact on its field of activity.

Drupal in sports

As a huge sports fun I'll start with sports. I, there is no other way, watched this year's Olympic games as much as I could (the events were, to be fair, not held at the most optimum time for us Europeans to watch). If I didn't watch an event in Rio on television, I checked its outcome on Olympics’ website, which was brought to us by Drupal. Moreover, Drupal provides the Americans … pardon … all internet users, with the information from NBA, Major League Soccer (MLS), NCAA and some NFL teams like Dallas Cowboys.


Rio on Drupal


Drupal in Public sector

Besides city of Boston, cities of London, Austin and Los Angeles all use Drupal. In America some states even use it, like the State of New York and a State of Georgia. We learned that the White House began using it a long time ago and so does the Australian and Belgium government. United Nations, NATO and NASA are also ones not to be overlooked.


White House on Drupal


Drupal in Entertainment and Technology

Drupal is also very active in the entertainment 'sector', where it provides its services for Sony, MTV, PlayStation, Fox, Al Jazeera, NBC, The Economist and Puma. We may think that in cases of high technology Drupal is absent, but it's right the opposite. Tesla Motors, Sensio Labs, Cisco, Amazee Labs, eBay, Twitter and Pinterest are just some of the websites empowered by Drupal.

If you would like to see more websites that use Drupal, you can check Dries Buytaert's list and then potentially show off your Drupal site if you have it.