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Top Drupal blog posts from March 2019

Same as every month, we wanted to share with you our favorite Drupal blog posts from the previous month. So, here's a list of 8 Drupal-related posts from March that we found the most interesting. Enjoy!
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Published on: 11. 4. 2019

Our brand new Ljubljana office

The last weekend of March, our team in Ljubljana finally made the long-anticipated transition into our brand new offices. In this short blog post, we’ll give you a glimpse into the teambuilding-like moving process, as well as explain why we made the decision to move and what this means for Agiledrop.
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Published on: 9. 4. 2019

Exploring Node.js

Gulp and Grunt, which were presented in our previous blog post both use Node.js. After Node.js Interactive Europe in the previous week, which was this year placed in Amsterdam, we decided that we will introduce you to Node.js. Especially that you will be better equipped with knowledge in front of the similar upcoming event in Austin, United States, which will be organized from November 29 to December 1.
Published on: 22. 9. 2016

Can you Grunt something better?

As we said in one of our previous blog posts, Grunt and Gulp get, accidentally or not, mixed up very often. The confusion is therefore present on more occasions that we would have liked or cared to admit. To avoid any misconceptions we promised that we will present you the differences between the two. And our promise lies here, in front of you.
Published on: 15. 9. 2016

Trusted Drupal Teammates

AGILEDROP has recently changed its tagline from "Drupal A-team" to "Trusted Drupal Teammates". Focusing on building the best team of Drupal experts is a default promise. Our vision is to step up and to be what our clients really need. Dependable teammates that are there, when they need them most.
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Published on: 13. 9. 2016

Take a gulp of Gulp

Web developers are constantly looking for tools, which will optimize their work and make their lives as easy as possible. When they come to Gulp they often, accidentally or not, mixed it with Grunt. These two cause confusion all the time, but be careful, they are not the same. To avoid any misconceptions we present you Gulp and some of its differences with Grunt.
Published on: 8. 9. 2016

Theming: “style it as if there is no JavaScript!”

In order to enhance user experience, almost all modern web sites use JavaScript these days. Displaying dynamic forms and other elements using jQuery or some other JavaScript library is quite common. Not only that, those libraries have been regarded standard for web for many years.
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Published on: 6. 9. 2016

The basics of Symfony

Latest version of Drupal, known as Drupal 8, transformed today's world. Its functions are being explored practically everyday. But not so many people know that Drupal 8 is based on Symfony. This PHP web application framework created many websites and web applications and is used by either small or big corporations, so we present you the basics of it.
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Published on: 31. 8. 2016

Group for Drupal

When I first got introduced to Organic groups for Drupal 7, I was struggling. Particularly with understanding the concept of having nodes that carry content, being used as an entity, for forming groups. It worked, but it wasn’t done intuitively. It just didn’t make any sense to me.
Published on: 30. 8. 2016

5 reasons you should be looking forward to DrupalCon Dublin

Drupal Association organises DrupalCon three times a year on three different locations, in the USA, Europe & Asia. My first DrupalCon was in Copenhagen in 2009, and soon after returning from Denmark, three Slovenian Drupalistas (Rok Zlender, Janez Urevc and I) organised the first user group meetup in Slovenia.
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Published on: 25. 8. 2016

Should I use Features in Drupal 8 and how?

If you ever needed to deploy your Drupal 7 page from local environment to staging and further to production, you probably used Features to accomplish this task. Although the module itself wasn’t built for this purpose, it was widely (ab)used to move entire configuration from one environment to another.
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Published on: 10. 8. 2016

Staff Augmentation in Drupal Web Development

If you are using Drupal for your web development project and need additional assistance to help you with it, then it would be well worth looking at staff augmentation. Why bring in staff that are unaware of the workings of the framework, when you can hire professionals that become your teammates on a long-term basis.

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Published on: 20. 7. 2016

Drupal 8: Authoring experience with CKeditor and Quick edit

Marketers stand a chance to greatly benefit from Drupal new release than any other segment as it features so much of the needed functionality. To generate and nurture their current potential customers, marketers simply need to leverage the strongest, most important marketing tool that Drupal has risen to become with its newest release. 

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Published on: 20. 6. 2016