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Microcopy: What is it and why is it important

In this post, we'll take a look at what is meant by microcopy (or UX writing), how it differs from traditional, marketing-oriented copywriting, and what are some best practices for writing microcopy.
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Published on: 17. 10. 2019

Understanding the job of an IT Project Manager

Maria Espie Vidal, writer for, wrote a post for our blog in which she breaks down the role of an IT project manager. Check it out and gain a better understanding of the multifaceted job of IT project management.
Published on: 10. 10. 2019

Our blog posts from September 2019

Missed some of our blog posts last month? Don't worry - here’s a recap of all our posts from September. Check it out and make sure you’re all caught up!
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Published on: 7. 10. 2019

Context Groups

When starting a new Drupal project, you have to decide, how you will handle a block layout. If you can’t achieve the desired layout with Drupal core block layout, you will probably choose Context or Panels module for handling a layout. If you chose Context over Panels, this blog post will help you build more complex layouts with context.
Published on: 28. 2. 2017

Drupal Logos in Human and Superhuman Forms

Every brand needs a logo. When Dries Buytaert decided to release the software behind back in 2001, making Drupal an open source project, he needed a symbol too. So, Kristjan Jansen and Steven Wittens joined their powers and stylized a Druplicon, a drop with eyes, curved nose and a mischievous smile. Since then Druplicon has been an indispensable part of the Drupal Community.
Published on: 16. 2. 2017

Other Top Drupal Blogs from January

Maybe a little late, but nevertheless, it's time to present you the best Drupal blogs that were written in the previous month. So, here's the work by other authors from January.
Published on: 14. 2. 2017

Problems about diversity do not come from the Drupal Community

When I saw what happened on Drupal Camp Munich, I began to think about diversity even more. Make no mistake, I thought about it before too, but just not in that large extent. Nevertheless, the problem seems an important one to me, but it far surpasses the borders of a »small« Drupal Community.
Published on: 9. 2. 2017

Drupal Blogs from January

And it is once again time to present you our blogs from the previous month. It's January's turn, so here's what we discovered that month.
Published on: 2. 2. 2017

Virtual Drupal Camps

Drupal events have a lot of positive things for Drupal users. We highlighted them in the previous blog post. But there are many Drupalistas around the world, who can't attend such events, due to the expenses, time, work responsibilities, and many other reasons including the fact that many don't live near any of the available Drupal Camps. With that, they are automatically deprived for knowledge about Drupal. And that knowledge may come in hand for them, especially if they professionally work with Drupal. Luckily, organizers came up with one of the solutions. It's online or virtual Drupal Camp.
Published on: 31. 1. 2017

The Importance of Drupal Events

Drupal Global Sprint Weekend will happen at the end of this week almost all over the world, so we have made a list for you, where you can attend it. We have also analysed Drupal Camps on all continents last year and presented you the reasons why you should attend DrupalCons. All together with user group meetups, they form Drupal events. But why is organizing and attending them important? Here are the reasons.
Published on: 26. 1. 2017

Global Drupal Sprint Weekend

Drupal Global Sprint Weekend will this year happen at the end of this week, on 28th and 29th January, almost all over the world. Small local sprints will be in a shape of sprint meetups, sprint camp sessions, mini-sprints, wind-sprints and all-day sprints. You can participate, so make sure you find the right location for yourself. We'll help you find it with this blog post. But if you live near Slovenia, sprint in our office in Ljubljana will come in hand for you.
Published on: 24. 1. 2017

Top Drupal 8 Books

The purpose of a great content is first to be explored and then to be read. Therefore, being listed on a first page on search engines is a key thing. Shortly, you will be able to read how to Search Engine Optimize your Drupal 8 website. But before Drupal SEO Book is released – you can pre-order it here or wait until 15th January – we will look at the best books Drupal 8 has to offer.
Published on: 12. 1. 2017

Other Top Drupal Blogs from December

In December 2016 we started implementing a new idea. An idea that looks back at the best Drupal blogs that were written by other authors in the previous month. We started with a November's overview. Here is next one in the row, bringing you December's action.
Published on: 10. 1. 2017

Drupal Blogs from December

Last month we began with an overview of our blogs that were written in November. We promised that from now on, at the beginning of every month, you will be able to see, which Drupal blogs we have written for you over the past month. With that, you will be better informed. So, here's our December's work.
Published on: 5. 1. 2017

Challenges ahead of Drupal in 2017

What is done is done. What happened, happened. There's only a few days left until the year 2016 finishes. In that time Drupal 8 turned one, some fascinating new sites and product were launched, a lot of new modules were created, many problems were solved ... but still there are some reserves. Therefore, we'll look at where Drupal can still improve in the following year.
Published on: 29. 12. 2016