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Our clients

From creative agencies to governmental organizations, our advanced digital solutions have made an impact across various sectors. Our commitment to quality extends to media and publishing, as well as internal product teams seeking customized digital solutions.


We develop advanced digital solutions in partnership with creative and marketing agencies, IT consulting companies, and all providers of digital services to end clients.

With Agiledrop we were able to quickly scale our development team and successfully implement the project.
T-Systems, Germany
Michael Steusloff-Beyer
An important aspect for us is that external developers blend in and become one with the culture of our company. The flexibility that Agiledrop as a company provides us, allows us to scale our business further.
Dropsolid, Belgium
Steven Pepermans
I’ve found all Agiledrop people to be open, transparent, and direct. All qualities that Amazee Labs values as well. I can certainly recommend reaching out to them for your team augmentation needs.
Amazee Labs, Switzerland
Bryan Gruneberg


We develop advanced yet affordable digital solutions for governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Over the next six years, we will enable a new leap forward, taking down barriers and increasing value creation through open data in Europe.
European comission
Volkmar Varnhagen
All of their agile development has been of consistently exceptional quality. The team manages projects with daily conferences and delivers work punctually.
UNESCO, France
Denis Pitzalis
Thanks to the whole team for carrying out this project. Users seem to be able to access data quickly and the website looks stable. It was great working with you on this.
I CAN, United Kingdom
Richie Bunbury

Product teams

We develop advanced digital solutions with in-house development teams working on internal digital products, such as SaaS applications, and custom CRM & ERP systems.

Agiledrop has provided 3Dhubs with Drupal engineers to work on their legacy platform, developing new features in parallel to the team working on the new platform. We did this by assigning a full-time developer to work as part of their team, attending daily standup meetings, and following Kanban project management processes.
3D Hubs, Netherlands

Media & publishing

We develop advanced digital solutions for news platforms, publishing houses and data aggregators.

Agiledrop has offered us a fast, convenient and straightforward support. Communication and problem-solving works really well. We are satisfied with the results we are getting.
Hubert Burda Media, Germany
Arlind Quni
Agiledrop has been a great partner to SAGE. Their developers fit effortlessly into our team and have demonstrated high-quality development and solutioning skills.
SAGE Publications, USA
Tracey Ryan
Agiledrop developed a smooth high-end system of paywall monetization, which has provided SIL’s users with easy and reliable access to the content.
SIL International, USA

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If you'd like to work with a highly performant and reliable team of experts who will always have your back and keep your best interests top of mind, contact us with your software and personnel requirements.

We'll provide you with the right people for your project's needs, whether it is a single developer or a full development team. 

You can reach us via the contact form or directly via [email protected]. We're also available for a call on +44 203 411 0716 if you would like to start with a one-on-one conversation with one of our client advisors.