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General information

Agile Digital Transformation is a podcast dealing with various topics in the digital industry. We have in-depth 1-on-1 conversations with digital experts who share practical tips and insights through examples of projects and case studies.

Our topics range from more human centered ones, such as employee experience, to more technical ones such as data-driven marketing and machine learning.

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Everything is discussed in the context of digital transformation and the acceleration we’re seeing due to Covid.

We go through main talking points and questions together with the guest, and we do thorough editing and provide edited transcripts to ensure the best experience for both the guests and the audience.


We aim to bring important topics and trends in the digital closer to businesses that are embarking on their digital transformation journey.

  • Decision makers at midsize to large companies - CMO, CIO, CDO, CTO
  • Owners and decision makers at digital agencies - CEO, COO, project management
  • Marketing and sales consultants
  • Lead software architects and engineers
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About the host

Agile Digital Transformation is hosted by our marketing guru Tim Butara.

Coming into the technology space with a Master's Degree in English literature, Tim has a near-native proficiency in English, so you can expect the conversation to be on a high level and engaging.