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Latest podcasts
Maya Huber ADT podcast cover
Episode: 77
Maya Huber - Digital transformation in HR

In this episode, we talk about digital transformation in the field of HR with Maya Huber, CEO of the recruitment platform TaTiO.

Guillaume Portalier ADT podcast cover
Episode: 76
Guillaume Portalier - Evolution of B2B customer experience

In this episode, we talk about the evolution of customer experience in B2B with Guillaume Portalier, co-founder and COO of the advanced lead generation platform Waalaxy.

Wyndham Plumptre ADT podcast cover
Episode: 75
Wyndham Plumptre - Identifying macro risks and their impacts in supply chains

In this episode, we discuss how macro events impact global supply chains with Wyndham Plumptre, founder and CEO of the digital transformation consultancy Future Arc.

Brant Cooper ADT podcast cover
Episode: 74
Brant Cooper - Rethinking horizon planning for effective digital transformation

In this episode, we speak with returning guest Brant Cooper, author of The Lean Entrepreneur and Disruption Proof, about how horizon planning has changed and how to redefine it for the digital transformation era.

Erez Berkner ADT podcast cover
Episode: 73
Erez Berkner - Cloud computing

In this episode, we discuss cloud computing with Erez Berkner, co-founder and CEO of Lumigo, a monitoring and debugging platform for modern cloud applications.

Fred Fowler ADT podcast cover
Episode: 72
Fred Fowler - The importance of solving the right problems for digital success

In this episode, we talk about the importance of solving the right problems in digital product development with Fred Fowler, expert agile coach holding the Professional Scrum Master Level III certification.