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Sophia Matveeva ADT podcast cover
Episode: 35
Sophia Matveeva - Succeeding with digital transformation for non-technical professionals

In this episode, we discuss the importance of learning how to speak tech for succeeding in the digital world with Sophia Matveeva, founder of Tech For Non-Techies.

Alex Trup ADT podcast cover
Episode: 34
Alex Trup - The importance of customer-first digital marketing

In this episode, we discuss the importance of customer-first digital marketing with Alex Trup, co-founder of a new security and privacy focused messaging app Rolo Secure Chat.

Liliana Ashton ADT podcast cover
Episode: 33
Liliana Ashton - Lessons learned from driving digital transformation for renowned global brands

In this episode, change and transformation management consultant Liliana Ashton shares the key digital transformation lessons learned throughout her work.

Howard Tiersky ADT podcast cover
Episode: 32
Howard Tiersky - Overcoming resistance to change for successful digital transformation

In this episode, we discuss the importance of embracing change for success in the digital world with Howard Tiersky, founder of FROM and WSJ bestselling author.

Aleks Tomczyk ADT podcast cover
Episode: 31
Aleks Tomczyk - Revolutionizing the probate process with the Exizent platform

In this episode, Exizent's founder and COO Aleks Tomczyk tells us more about their platform and how it's driving digital transformation in the field of probate law.

Prateek Dayal ADT podcast cover
Episode: 30
Prateek Dayal - Why digital transformation can’t succeed without data privacy considerations

In this episode, we talk about the need to focus on privacy for successful digital transformation with Prateek Dayal, Chief Strategy and Product Design Officer at Aqilliz.