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Matthew Kleiman ADT podcast cover
Episode: 119
Matthew Kleiman - Work done right through systems thinking

In this episode, we talk about doing work right by employing systems thinking with Matthew Kleiman, co-founder and CEO of Cumulus Digital Systems.

Amir Haramaty ADT podcast cover
Episode: 118
Amir Haramaty - Evolution of speech technology in transforming enterprise operations

In this episode, we discuss how the evolution in AI speech technology is transforming enterprise operations with Amir Haramaty, CEO & co-founder of aiOla, an AI speech technology that helps streamline businesses.

Eric Holtzclaw ADT podcast cover
Episode: 117
Eric Holtzclaw - Making Sense of the Modern-Day Marketing Maze

In this episode, we explore the modern-day marketing maze with Eric Holtzclaw, founding partner and chief strategist of the full-service B2B marketing firm Liger.

Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc ADT podcast cover
Episode: 116
Alex Chabot-Leclerc - Unlocking the potential of AI in R&D

In this episode, we discuss how the field of R&D can tap into the power of new AI tech with Alex Chabot-Leclerc, VP of Digital Transformation at the science-focused digital transformation consultancy Enthought.

Oliver Davies ADT podcast cover
Episode: 115
Oliver Davies - The business case for test-driven software development & automated testing

In this episode, we make the business case for TDD and automated testing with Oliver Davies, Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert with 16 years of experience as a Drupal developer and consultant.

Emily Yorgey ADT podcast cover
Episode: 114
Emily Yorgey - Intentional UX in the age of persuasive & manipulative tech

In this episode, we dive into the importance of intentional user experience design in the current digital age with Emily Yorgey, UX/UI designer at Modulous.