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Latest podcasts
Steve Pereira ADT podcast cover
Episode: 26
Steve Pereira - Flow Engineering

In this episode, we discuss flow engineering and value stream mapping with Steve Pereira, founder of the value stream consultancy Visible.

Tom Goodwin ADT podcast cover
Episode: 25
Tom Goodwin - Digital transformation in the debt collection industry

In this episode, we talk about digital transformation in the debt collection sector with Tom Goodwin, Head of Growth at the UK fintech startup Just.

Brant Cooper ADT podcast cover
Episode: 24
Brant Cooper - The most common misconception about digital transformation

In this episode, we discuss the main misconception about digital transformation with Brant Cooper, New York Times bestselling author and the founder and CEO of Moves the Needle.

Steve Clark ADT podcast cover
Episode: 23
Steve Clark - Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in a post-Covid world

In this episode, we discuss Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and how Covid has impacted it with Steve Clark, Head of Digital Growth at the UK Digital Product & Design Agency Tangent.

Nick Christensen ADT podcast cover
Episode: 22
Nick Christensen - Tackling the pandemic with a dedicated Amazon team

In this episode, we discuss the specifics of Amazon and the impact of Covid with Nick Christensen, Head of SEO and Analytics at Threepipe Reply and the Managing Partner of their specialist Amazon team Emergent.

Florian Schwendner ADT podcast cover
Episode: 21
Florian Schwendner - Why open source is the best option for your digital footprint

In this episode, we talk about why businesses should choose open source technologies for their digital footprint with Florian Schwendner, Director of Partner Management for Central Europe at Acquia.