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Latest podcasts
Raj Sundarason ADT podcast cover
Episode: 43
Raj Sundarason - The Great Resignation: What are the best ways forward?

In this episode, we talk about the great resignation with Raj Sundarason, author of the book The DAP Strategy, and the vice president and chief evangelist at WalkMe.

Thomas Young ADT podcast cover
Episode: 42
Thomas Young - Conflict between technology, marketing and sales

In this episode, we talk about aligning technology, sales and marketing with Thomas Young, owner and CEO of Intuitive Websites.

Daniel Rayner ADT podcast cover
Episode: 41
Daniel Rayner - Process Pioneers & Business Process Management (BPM)

In this episode, we discuss business process management (BPM) with Daniel Rayner, managing director of GBTEC APAC and host of the Process Pioneers podcast.

Jeff Kupietzky ADT podcast cover
Episode: 40
Jeff Kupietzky - Driving customer acquisition and engagement

In this episode, we talk about driving online customer acquisition and engagement with Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of leading audience engagement and monetization platform Jeeng.

Rahul Bansode ADT podcast cover
Episode: 39
Rahul Bansode - Digital transformation challenges and opportunities

In this episode, we talk about digital transformation challenges and opportunities with Rahul Bansode, digial transformation specialist working at Kyocera Document Solutions America.

Linda Kahangi ADT podcast cover
Episode: 38
Linda Kahangi - The New CIO Playbook

In this episode, we discuss how CIOs can navigate the new post-Covid digital reality with Linda Kahangi, Chief Information and Operations Officer at Nomadix.