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Ramiro Berrelleza ADT podcast cover
Episode: 107
Ramiro Berrelleza - Redefining the developer experience

In this episode, we talk about redefining the developer experience with Ramiro Berrelleza, CEO and co-founder of Okteto, the leading platform for Development Experience Automation.

Peter Voss ADT podcast cover
Episode: 106
Peter Voss - What’s missing in today’s artificial intelligence

In this episode, we speak with returning guest Peter Voss of Aigo about what's missing in today's AI systems and how we can responsibly unlock the power of artificial intelligence.

Rick Yvanovich ADT podcast cover
Episode: 105
Rick Yvanovich - Future fit: Preparing for change

In this episode, we break down the concept of being future fit with Rick Yvanovich, founder of the professional services firm TRG International & author of Business as Unusual: How To Thrive In The New Renaissance.

Garik Tate ADT podcast cover
Episode: 104
Garik Tate - The State of AI and the World

In this episode, we discuss the state of AI and the world with Garik Tate, AI Futurist, Serial Entrepreneur, AI Strategy Consultant, and founder of

John Faber ADT podcast cover
Episode: 103
John Faber - Open Web & business composability

In this episode, we discuss the Open Web and business composability with John Faber, managing partner at the full service web agency Chapter Three which specializes in Drupal and in Next.js.

Mike Lenox ADT podcast cover
Episode: 102
Mike Lenox - Strategy in the Digital Age

In this episode, award-winning professor, consultant, author and speaker Mike Lenox shares key insights from his latest book Strategy in the Digital Age: Mastering Digital Transformation.