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Latest podcasts
Aleks Tomczyk ADT podcast cover
Episode: 31
Aleks Tomczyk - Revolutionizing the probate process with the Exizent platform

In this episode, Exizent's founder and COO Aleks Tomczyk tells us more about their platform and how it's driving digital transformation in the field of probate law.

Prateek Dayal ADT podcast cover
Episode: 30
Prateek Dayal - Why digital transformation can’t succeed without data privacy considerations

In this episode, we talk about the need to focus on privacy for successful digital transformation with Prateek Dayal, Chief Strategy and Product Design Officer at Aqilliz.

Evgeny Shadchnev ADT podcast cover
Episode: 29
Evgeny Shadchnev - Executive coaching in a digital-first world

In this episode, we talk about the evolution of executive coaching and leadership in the digital age with Evgeny Shadchnev, executive coach and founder of Europe's first coding bootcamp Makers.

Paul Oppong ADT podcast cover
Episode: 28
Paul Oppong - How Project Management can adapt in the transformation age

In this episode, we discuss how project management can adapt and thrive in the age of digital transformation with project management consultant Paul Oppong.

Scott Bales ADT podcast cover
Episode: 27
Scott Bales - The Future is Now: Professional services need to embrace digital agility

In this episode, we talk about why professional services need to embrace digital agility with Scott Bales, VP of Enterprise Solution Engineering and Delivery at Replicon.

Steve Pereira ADT podcast cover
Episode: 26
Steve Pereira - Flow Engineering

In this episode, we discuss flow engineering and value stream mapping with Steve Pereira, founder of the value stream consultancy Visible.