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Latest podcasts
Philipp Melab ADT podcast cover
Episode: 15
Philipp Melab - Enterprise-level decoupled CMS with Gatsby

In this episode, we discuss enterprise-level decoupled CMS and the GatsbyJS framework with Philipp Melab, lead software engineer at Amazee Labs.

Cyril Coste ADT podcast cover
Episode: 14
Cyril Coste - Growth mindset and de-siloing for effective digital transformation

In this episode, we discuss the importance of a growth mindset for digital transformation and how overcoming organizational bias is key to de-siloing with B2B influencer and DT advisor Cyril Coste.

Taco Potze ADT podcast cover
Episode: 13
Taco Potze - Open Social, the open-source online community platform

In this episode, we talk about Open Social, the open-source community platform, and its recent developments with its founder and CEO Taco Potze.

Sylvain Moreau ADT podcast cover
Episode: 12
Sylvain Moreau - Digital transformation in cultural institutions

In this episode, we discuss digital transformation in cultural institutions with Sylvain Moreau, Chief Sales Officer of Drupal projects at the French digital agency Axess.

Josh Forte ADT podcast cover
Episode: 11
Josh Forte - Personalization and its value in customer experience

In this episode, we talk about personalization with Josh Forte, e-commerce professional and Online Channel Manager at Comporium, a communications and home security company from South Carolina, US.

Tom Norman podcast cover
Episode: 10
Tom Norman - Community and community management

In this episode, we discuss the importance of community and community management in the digital era with Tom Norman, founder of Kickstart Your Community.