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Latest podcasts
Mike Taylor ADT podcast cover
Episode: 19
Mike Taylor - Blockchain technology and digital transformation

In this episode, we talk about blockchain technology and its evolution with Mike Taylor, project manager at the blockchain advisory firm Verum Capital.

Andrew Beaney ADT podcast cover
Episode: 18
Andrew Beaney - How Agile can enhance collaboration in a post-pandemic world

In this episode, Box UK's managing consultant Andrew Beaney describes a project they did for a leading UK university which leveraged agile methodologies to streamline collaboration.

Monte Zweben ADT podcast cover
Episode: 17
Monte Zweben - Machine learning and its value in business and society

In this episode, we discuss machine learning and its value to businesses and society in general with Monte Zweben, CEO of Splice Machine and host of their ML Minutes podcast.

Robert Craven ADT podcast cover
Episode: 16
Robert Craven - Growing your digital agency in times of disruption

In this episode, we talk about the impact of Covid on digital agencies and how they can succeed in such times of disruption with Robert Craven, the UK's top expert and speaker on growing digital agencies.

Philipp Melab ADT podcast cover
Episode: 15
Philipp Melab - Enterprise-level decoupled CMS with Gatsby

In this episode, we discuss enterprise-level decoupled CMS and the GatsbyJS framework with Philipp Melab, lead software engineer at Amazee Labs.

Cyril Coste ADT podcast cover
Episode: 14
Cyril Coste - Growth mindset and de-siloing for effective digital transformation

In this episode, we discuss the importance of a growth mindset for digital transformation and how overcoming organizational bias is key to de-siloing with B2B influencer and DT advisor Cyril Coste.