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Latest podcasts
Jaime Ramírez ADT podcast cover
Episode: 46
Jaime Ramírez - Financial crime risk management

In this episode, we discuss the topic of financial crime risk management with Jaime Ramírez, founder and CEO of the US-based company Preventor.

Heather Smith ADT podcast cover
Episode: 45
Heather Smith - Intersection of humanity & human emotion with technology

In this episode, the co-founder and CEO of StoryFile, Heather Smith, tells us more about their story-telling app which enables people to connect and interact with loved ones across generations.

Brad Tornberg ADT podcast cover
Episode: 44
Brad Tornberg - Business fitness

In this episode, we discuss the topic of business fitness with Brad Tornberg, founder of E3 Consulting Partners and published author of Business Fitness Revolution.

Raj Sundarason ADT podcast cover
Episode: 43
Raj Sundarason - The Great Resignation: What are the best ways forward?

In this episode, we talk about the great resignation with Raj Sundarason, author of the book The DAP Strategy, and the vice president and chief evangelist at WalkMe.

Thomas Young ADT podcast cover
Episode: 42
Thomas Young - Conflict between technology, marketing and sales

In this episode, we talk about aligning technology, sales and marketing with Thomas Young, owner and CEO of Intuitive Websites.

Daniel Rayner ADT podcast cover
Episode: 41
Daniel Rayner - Process Pioneers & Business Process Management (BPM)

In this episode, we discuss business process management (BPM) with Daniel Rayner, managing director of GBTEC APAC and host of the Process Pioneers podcast.