2017 in review

Published by Iztok
on 9 January 2018

Happy new year! Here at AGILEDROP, we will remember 2017 as the year when we became more focused and systemised. We worked hard, learned new things and had fun, lots of fun. Along with the growth in personnel and revenue, I can say it was a good year.



New business model, new processes

At the end of 2016, we changed our business model and moved away from being a full-service agency to become trusted partners with digital agencies in building Drupal websites. With great foundations from 2016, we started tweaking processes and documenting them. To become more productive we also introduced new tools and even built one ourselves (on top of Symfony if you don't mind me adding). 


Adaptation to the new business model in 2017

Visiting and sponsoring Drupal events

In 2017 we have visited more Drupal events than any year before. As we realised how important it is to meet our clients in person, we decided that we will use any opportunity we get. We also felt this is an excellent way to help organisers of Drupal events. Drupal events are super important for the community and AGILEDROP will continue supporting Drupal camps and Drupalcons in Europe and US.

Drupal conference

Posing in front of inflatable Druplicon at Drupalcon Vienna


Having fun as a team

We did not forget to have fun in 2017. In May our whole development team went to Zagreb, Croatia to Drupal camp. In addition to learning about Drupal, this was an opportunity to hang out with colleagues. Our team also organised 2 meetups in AGILEDROP's offices, and we visited events like Webcamp Ljubljana and Webmaster picnic. For the cherry at the top, we went for a 2-day team building to Kranjska Gora. 



Team building in Kranjska Gora


Giving back to the community

We improved a lot in 2017 when it comes to giving back to the community. In addition to sponsoring events, we also did more traditional contributions: writing patches, taking over abandoned projects and starting our own. To keep track of contributions to open source, we have a project in our project management software where every developer can pick a task or a module. One of the most rewarding community project last year was definitely organising free Drupal courses. We had two 12 hours Drupal courses led by our developers with 12 attendees each. We set a goal to continue hosting the courses every two months in 2018. This means AGILEDROP will train 100+ developers how to use Drupal in 2018 alone.

Drupal course

Free Drupal course at AGILEDROP


What about the numbers?

All I wrote in this article sounds very well, but AGILEDROP is a company and companies are expected to show results in numbers. The company went from 18 to 25 full-time employees by the end of 2017. We are also happy to announce we increased our income by 35%. With all the growth and investments in the knowledge and equipment, we were even able to stay profitable which gives us the stability and enables growth in coming years.


Income and profit growth from 2015 to 2017


Thank you!

I can say 2017 was successful. I would like to thank our team for working hard day in and day out. By delivering quality work in time, we are enabling our clients to grow their businesses and prosper. Every one of us contributed a piece in the puzzle in making 2017 a successful year. 

Most importantly, thank you, dear clients. Thank you for trusting us with your projects, thank you for inviting us to work alongside your teams and thank you for being loyal partners. Working with people and companies like yourself empowers us to move forward into 2018 with positive energy and enthusiasm.