5 reasons you should be looking forward to DrupalCon Dublin

Drupalcon conference Dublin Ireland 2016Drupal Association organises DrupalCon three times a year on three different locations, in the USA, Europe & Asia. My first DrupalCon was in Copenhagen in 2009, and soon after returning from Denmark, three Slovenian Drupalistas (Rok Zlender, Janez Urevc and I) organised the first user group meetup in Slovenia.

If it wasn’t for DrupalCon leaving us filled with inspiration, there might not be a local Drupal community and AGILEDROP might not exist. This is one of the reasons AGILEDROP is giving back and helping the community by sponsoring the conference this year.

If you don’t have your ticket yet, we can arrange you a discount. Please get in touch.

So, here are the reasons you should go to DrupalCon Dublin (or any DrupalCon really):

1. It's accessible for everyone

Although the price of tickets is increasing every year, it's still one of the least expensive conferences spanning 5 days you can find. Depending on the location, the travel can also be affordable if you opt for a budget airline or train. The Drupal Association also gives grants and scholarships for active contributors to Drupal.

2. There are more sessions than you can handle

DrupalCon is a conference about Drupal, but the variety of topics is incredible. From theoretical sessions about the psychology of open source to hands-on tutorials on how to invalidate cache in Drupal 8.

3. Valuable sessions

Sessions can be proposed by anyone, but there is a selection from hundreds of applications and usually the best ones are picked. Of course, sometimes someone with poor presentation skills happens to be on the stage, but hey, we don't mind as long as they show us something valuable.

4. You will be surrounded by over 2000 Drupalistas

DrupalCon is a great place to meet with old friends or make new ones. Since attending DrupalCon 2009, I've stayed in contact with many people, some of which became friends and others I'm currently doing business with.

It's a great environment if you would like to learn first hand from others, about how they do custom development, open source contribution, or business.

5. It's Dublin

I went to Dublin in December 2014, when (Web) Summit was happening. I might not have been so impressed with the festival, but Dublin left me with wonderful memories. What can I say, I'm a sucker for Whiskey and dark beer. I'm sure the social events after sessions will be amazing, as Dublin has great nightlife to offer. If nothing else, just take a day or two to visit and enjoy Dublin!