Accepted Business Sessions for DrupalCon Vienna

Written by: Matic
Published on: 15.8.2017

This year European DrupalCon will take place in Vienna, Austria. It's still more than a month away. However, the sessions were already selected. We will look at the ones, which were accepted in the business track. And we will also explain why.

DrupalCon Vienna is one of the biggest Drupal events in the world this year. Therefore, some of our team members will be present at the event in the capital city of Austria. But once again our AGILEDROP team will not be just present at the event. We had a »bigger« role.

Namely, our commercial director Iztok Smolic was invited to the Business track team. Together with Janne Kalliola (CEO of Exove) and Stella Power (CEO of Annertech) he prepared the program and selected sessions. And there is our reason why we are presenting them.


Business session


Many business sessions were proposed, so the decision was tough. It was expected to be tough, of course. But after some thought and discussions between the business track team, in the end, these Business sessions for DrupalCon Vienna were accepted:

1) Aligning your customers and product success. by Evelien Schut from GoalGorilla

2) Better together, a client/agency relationship based on trust and value by Andrii Podanenko and Alexander Schedrov from FFW

3) Challenges and Solutions in Getting your Open Source Company to Contribute by Chris Jansen from Deeson and Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire from Acquia

4) Co-operative Drupal: Growth & Sustainability through Worker Ownership by Finn Lewis from Agile Collective

5) Content management market and Drupal by Nemanja Drobnjak from WONDROUS LLC

6) Creating business value with Drupal by Baddý Breidert from 1xINTERNET


Iztok session


7) Drupal Enterprise Marketing as a Global Business Alliance by Ivo Radulovski from Trio-interactive

8) How to go from one to seven companies around the world and how to run them by Michael Schmid and Dania Gerhardt from Amazee Labs

9) Is Selling Drupal an Art or a Science? by Michel van Velde from One Shoe

10) Marketing and Selling the Drupal Commerce Ecosystem by Ryan Szrama from Commerce Guys

11) Move up the value chain: DISCOVER, DEFINE, DESIGN, DELIVER, DISTRIBUTE (MAINTAIN, GROW & MEASURE) by Lukas Fischer and Michi Mauch from NETNODE

12) Observations from the Peanut Gallery. Confessions of a non-Technical Drupalist by Tom Erickson from Acquia

13) Teaching Clients How to Succeed by Ken Rickard from

14) Using Drupal 8 to build transactional & business critical enterprise applications by Maxime Topolov from Adyax

We hope you find something of your taste if you would be present at the event. In case you won't be, you will have to wait for the sessions to be published on Youtube.